25 Miserably Failed Designed Signs That Are Too Funny To Get Out Of Your Head

Whenever we go out and whatever we do, we see signs everywhere. They are on the street, sidewalk, in front of shops, restaurants, eateries, inside buildings, offices, et cetera. Signs are helpful, and we need good signs. Designers work diligently to design them, which have been taken for granted for so long that we don't realize it until we meet annoying ones.
Whether it is for doing advertisements, brands' and shops' self-introduction, or instructions, disclaims, and statements, designers might fail their job sometimes. Perhaps they let their mind on nine clouds, or their improvisations just don't match the level of their ideas. One way or another, they make signs that are too obsessively hilarious and dumb to be forgotten.
Would you like to see them and roll on the floor giggling for a while? We only warn you that they will not leave your mind alone so soon. Here they are!

#1. "This sign in the office building where I'm attending training..."

Source: u/Autiosaaren_lautturi

#2. It's better than shut up, have a Monday I guess.

Source: u/_Goodrandom

#3. Santa, what is this?

Source: u/LadyAskaroth

#4. Sock model not wearing socks (No man.. She gave up her socks. For YOU.)

Source: u/DressedNuthatch

#5. This double-sided exit sign

Source: u/superaa

#6. Assuming 5m is meters, the girl must be about 16ft tall

Source: u/bartolemew

#7. "What is this I don't even..."

Source: u/Baldingmartini12

#8. Any way you read it, it fails

Source: u/ScreamingPrawnBucket

#9. If only you could do with the N’s as you did with the G’s

Source: u/mabbitwarden

#10. "I look at this logo and can't see anything but "Ham Pass." (or Hard Pass)"

Source: u/Luprand

#11. A beautiful summOr…

Source: u/Stevilicious88

#12. Don't forget to be grateful and show thonks this Thonksgiving!

Source: u/ElectricalFollowing4

#13. This puzzle's answer is wrong. (VAULTING POLE, not OHVUMBJW FQMP)

Source: u/QuirkyWolfie

#14. That seems like an "accidentally on purpose" kind of thing.

Source: u/Hopeful_Relative_494

#15. Getting Captcha to make inspirational posters is a terrible idea

Source: u/Lovely_Buns420

#16. Press 2 to get to the 3rd level, choose 5 or 6 to get to the 6th! (Why does it look like a pH scale? Plus, it's so messing)

Source: u/Tall-Reporter7627

#17. Each of the blue dots on this fire escape map says “you are here” (FYI, it's not quantum superposition. This is the post-explosion evacuation plan.)

Source: u/EmmaStonewallJackson

#18. A life-changing experience

Source: u/froopy_doo

#19. Foll is my favorite season

Source: u/martrocks

#20. Our school needs a graphic designer... (CODING, not COOING)

Source: u/BugOperator

#21. This whole mall advert is a mess

Failed Designed SignsSource: u/Breezy044

#22. "Had to break my neck to find the right apartment" (Stiff Map, not Site Map)

Source: u/Cheesecakenachos

#23. "I guess my world history class skipped quite a bit"

Failed Designed SignsSource: u/not2useful

#24. The elf that made this must have been drunk

Source: u/darkandtwistysissy

#25. It's self-explanatory and they failed.

Failed Designed SignsSource: u/kianrio

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