11 Superheroes Drawings By Dragon Arte That Prove “Like Father, Like Son”

We may all have questioned as kids about the future appearance of Superheroes since we’re among the most inquisitive creatures on the planet. Will Spiderman’s child be able to “spit out” a web, or will he have to wait for his spider bite? Does Hawkman plan to have a kid or a chick? Will the Hulk’s child be as green as him or appear like a human? The stars of the books, movies, and television shows, as well as our most vivid fantasies, were these fictional individuals. What emotions would you experience if you got to see what the children of the heroes that you most admire looked like? Your long-buried childhood yearning will be fulfilled, which will undoubtedly make you happy!
In Lucas Nascimento’s comics, the adage “Like father, like son” is unquestionably accurate. This Brazilian artist, also known as Dragonarte, has envisioned what it is like if some of the most well-known superheroes and villains in popular culture had kids. These are full-fledged superhero infants, according to Nascimento, with personalities that match their extraordinary dads’ superhuman skills. Why don’t we experiment with some crazy comics based on the same theme as we are all familiar with the fascinating details and breathtaking scenes in movies?
Lucas Nascimento is surely the first deep artist to create comics that are both unrealistic and realistic. He turns every little detail into a funny scene by applying the characters to real-world situations. Unlike other artists who concentrate on specific symbolic characters, he has “given birth” to a ton of animated examples that accurately depict people in real life. They can be Wolverine from “X-men,” Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, and Hulk from “The Avengers,” Superman, Batman, and the Flash from DC, and Aladdin, Son Goku, the Fantastic Four, and others. Everyone who reads his comics is never let down by the great number of drawing techniques he uses, ranging from 2D to 3D. In particular, the majority of works of art do not include long conversations yet nevertheless have a ton of engaging elements.
770 comic works by Lucas Nascimento have been shared on his Instagram. Also, he has the DragonarteBR YouTube channel where 51 of his most popular comics are featured. On other entertainment channels, such as FunnyPig, The King, and Picsfun, you may view footage of his creations. And, wait for a second! You’d better get yourself some tissues ready before seeing the 11 "relatable" superheroes drawings by Dragon  that are directly below in case you can’t help but laugh in tears. Here we go!

#1 Fantastic Baby

Fantastic BabySource: dragonartebr.official

#2 Iron Baby

Superheroes Drawings, Iron BabySource: dragonartebr.official

#3 Hawkeye Baby

Superheroes Drawings, Hawkeye BabySource: dragonartebr.official

#4 Aquaman's Baby

Superheroes Drawings, Aquaman's BabySource: dragonartebr.official

#5 Bat-baby

Superheroes Drawings, Bat-babySource: dragonartebr.official

#6 Tiny Lightning

Superheroes Drawings, Tiny LightningSource: dragonartebr.official

#7 Torch's Baby

Superheroes Drawings, Torch's BabySource: dragonartebr.official

#8 Baby Martian

Superheroes Drawings, Baby MartianSource: dragonartebr.official

#9 Spider-baby

Superheroes Drawings, Spider-babySource: dragonartebr.official

#10 Wolverine's Baby

Superheroes Drawings, Wolverine's BabySource: dragonartebr.official

#11 Baby Deadpool

Superheroes Drawings, Baby DeadpoolSource: dragonartebr.official

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