17 Times People Realized They’re Living With A ‘Monster'

Living with someone else can reveal a lot about who we are. You may become aware of some of your own irritating habits, like as playing loud music late at night or consistently leaving the toilet seat up, and modify your conduct to be considerate of your roommates. However, you might also discover that you are much more self-aware than the people you live with in an apartment and that moving out is the best option if you ever want to have spotless dishes or a spotless bathroom.
Below, you'll find some of the most upsetting, revolting, and shocking images showcasing the living arrangements of some roommates from hell. Everything from hair decorating the bathroom walls to the kitchen creating new mold species.

#1 Roommate Throws Away Dishes So He Won’t Have To Do Them (I Bought All Our Dishes And Silverware)

Source: indicagal

#2 Our Roommate Moved Out Today…. All Of Those Stains Are Dog Urine

Source: ahoban

#3 My Roommate's Bathroom


#4 My Roommate Left The Sink On To Defrost Some Meat And Then Left To Go To Walmart. This Is My Room

Source: Slegers

#5 My Flatmate Moved Out And I Found His Room Reeking Of Piss And The Carpet Stained. We Never Had Pets, It’s Human Piss

Source: flergityberg

#6 My Roommate Bites Her Butter And Then Drops It On The Pan When She Cooks

Source: reignthepain

#7 Roommate Left Our Shared Bathroom Like This After I Had Been Gone For A Few Weeks


#8 My Brother's Girlfriend Moved In With Us, And She Refuses To Use Cutting Boards. This Is What Our Kitchen Table Looks Like Now. They're All Over It

Source: urinternetmom

#9 Told My Roommate It Was His Turn To Buy Toilet Paper And He Bought Two Rolls Of The Thinnest 1-Ply

Source: Average_Pelican

#10 My Roommate Used My Favorite Turtleneck As A BBQ Rag Last Night

Source: notmadehere

#11 Roommate's Rice Cooker Has Turned Into Brain-Like Tissue. He Refuses To Clean It, And Leaves It On The Shared Kitchen Counter

Source: tshoe777

#12 My Roommate Smashed My TV. I Already Called The Cops

Source: Whitedog2166

#13 My Acquaintance Got In An Argument With Her Roommate Over Who Left The Milk Out. While My Acquaintance Was At Work, The Roommate Did This

Source: Jaydon1

#14 My Friend's Roommate. She Waits For Her Mom To Come From An Hour And A Half Away To Clean Up Her Mess And Wash Her Dishes

Source: DeathMunch

#15 My Roommate Threw Out My Food To Make Room For Her Salad Mixes In The Fridge

Source: m48_apocalypse

#16 How My Roommates Treated My Hand-Made Wooden Spoon My Father Made For Me

Source: Vinny7777777

#17 Flatmate's Milk That Aged Like Milk

Source: noynoynumpty

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