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  1. #7. CGI From 2008 Versus 2022.

Black Panther: 15 Hilarious Memes Will Make You Laugh Until Cry

The highly anticipated Wakanda Forever has premiered worldwide and has already become the highest-grossing debut in history for November, beating the previous record held by The Hunger Games in 2013. Everyone’s buzzing over heartstring-ripping superhero epic Black Panther: Wakanda Forever reigned supreme at the box office with $330 million worldwide while raising the bar for blockbuster sequels across the movieverse.
The movie has already had a great reaction from fans. Here are some Black Panther memes.

#1. Namor Will Not Allow It.

Black Panther NamorSource: Instagram

Namor and his Talokan army leap into action when the US government chooses to explore the ocean after detecting evidence of vibranium. Human forces are completely obliterated as a result.
Because the Talokan race never interferes with what happens on the surface, Namor feels that humans have no right to meddle with what happens under the surface. It's a reasonable point of view, and people pay severely for failing to perceive things the same way.

#2. Either One Of Them Is A Fake?

Black Panther <a href=memes " />Source: PhantomOutre

Comparisons have been made between Aquaman and Namor, but one other underwater hero has been overlooked. The Deep, one of the finest characters in The Boys, is a spoof, but can anyone tell?
The meme cleverly combines fictitious characters with contemporary real-world events. The Deep isn't as powerful as Namor, but in the new Twitter era, where anybody can obtain the blue badge by just paying for it, it's difficult to determine who the genuine undersea monarch is.

#3. Shuri's Living Her Best Life.

Black Panther ShuriSource: Instagram

Shuri is quite heroic in the movie, but she doesn't quite manage to save her mother's life after she drowns. And one meme marker thinks it's all because she was preoccupied with her new Black Panther duties.
Shuri doesn't purposefully neglect Queen Ramonda as suggested, but the meme still triggers laughter because it's a perfect reflection of society. After little achievement, most people would rather bask in the glory than care about those around them.

#4. A Mood

Black Panther M'BakuSource: CBR

M'Baku catches our attention right away by challenging T'Challa to a fight for the title of Black Panther. Despite losing, he gains our respect by battling valiantly.

Later, his soldiers track down T'Challa, and despite being promised the heart-shaped plant, M'Baku instead takes the royal family (with Nakia and Agent Ross) to T'Challa. He has noble intentions, but he can be frightening, particularly when threatening to feed you to his family. He also has a sense of humor, as seen by his comment "Are you done?".

#5. Wakanda Forever

Wakanda ForeverSource: CBR

Although in the large contexts of our lives this doesn’t mean much, don’t you get excited when Twitter releases a new hashtag emoji? If only they stuck around forever. However, because it’s meant for promotion, they clear out after a while. When the Black Panther cast started tweeting the hashtag emojis for their characters’ names, fans started losing their minds.
The Black Panther’s cry of “Wakanda Forever” has been adopted by the masses since its first utterance. The phrase may have been used as a meme itself from time to time, but it is ultimately remembered as a quote of morality, unity, and empowerment.

#6. Nakia Pulled Off A Surprise.

Nakia Black PantherSource: Instagram

Nakia surprises Shuri in Haiti in the film's mid-credit sequences by introducing her to her son, T'Challa, whom she had with the late Kin T'Challa. This is akin to Bruce Banner's action in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law when he returns from Planet Sakaar with a son that his friends and family are unaware of.
The meme is amusing even without the words since the heads of Nakia and Young T'Challa are photoshopped onto the muscled bodies of Bruce Banner and Skaar, making them seem Hulky. And, while Nakia's "I have a son" moment is identical to Bruce's, it is more important to the continuity since it opens the door for another Black Panther named T'Challa to appear in the future.

#7. CGI From 2008 Versus 2022.

Black Panther 2Source: 9GAG

Wakanda Forever looked horrible. Marvel isn't even trying anymore.

#8. Emotional Blackmail At Its Best, Disney Has You, Well-done Pawns.

Black Panther 2Source: 9GAG

#9. M'Baku Didn't Fare Well.


Black Panther Memes Source: Instagram

#10. Leader Of An Underwater Reign.

Black Panther Memes Source: Reddit

#11. Missing In Action.

Black Panther Memes Source: Instagram

#12. The Uncomfortable Truth

Black Panther 2Source: 9GAG

 #13. Previous Hints Of Namor's Appearance.

Black Panther Memes Source: Reddit

#14. No Thank You!

Wakanda ForeverSource: 9GAG

#15. The Return Of Rihanna

Rihanna Wakanda ForeverSource: Instagram

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is raking in the bucks in theaters, and fans who've already watched it have wasted no time in creating funny memes. Hit theaters now to see Black Panther 2 and enjoy our memes!

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