20+ Weirdest Clothes That Should Make The Designers Hang Their Heads In Shame

Fine feathers make fine birds. We all love to dress nicely. Nowadays, there are numerous fashion brands throughout the world. Some are big and have a good reputation, and some are small or local. Some sell gorgeous, luxurious outfits that cost an arm and a leg, and some provide clothes at affordable prices. It's good to know we can dress as beautifully as we like.
Fashion is getting more convenient and gripping to consumers. Plenty of fashion designers step into the hall of fame by creating not only the most fabulous, sparkling outfits but also the weirdest, impractical ones. People have seen many times on the runway odd and horrific clothes that are far beyond their imaginations and even the original designers will not dare to wear them in public.
Look at the short fashion show below and tell us whether you would pick these clothes!

#1. Bodycon dress with built-in face mask

Source: Instagram / PrettyLittleThing

#2. Crocs-inspired gloves

Source: Unnecessary Inventions

#3. Crop tops for men

Source: ASOS

#4. Denim underwear

Source: Y/Project

#5. Inside-out jeans

Source: Boohoo

#6. "Full Destroyed" style sneakers

Source: Balenciaga

#7. Airplane-shaped luggage

Source: WireImage, Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh

#8. Puppet-attached outfits

Source: Louis Vuitton

#9. Grass-stained denim

Source: Gucci

#10. Big-toe shoes

Source: Getty Images, harpazo hope

#11. Trashy clothes

Source: Moschino, Pietro D

#12. Fully-zippable jeans

Source: Shutterstock

#13. No shirts - Pants only!

Source: Alamy Stock

#14. Converse-ation pant-shoes for patient people

Source: Alamy Stock

#15. Ridiculously huge round-shaped purse

Source: Kristy Sparow/WireImage

#16. Unreasonable cagey fashion

Source: Instagram/@ashlynso_

#17. Glitter beard

Source: kelly bowden, GettyImages

#18. See-through vinyl boots for those who don't sweat

Source: Alo Ceballos/GC Images

#19. Asymmetry jeans

Source: Getty Images, Edward Berthelot

#20. Block-everything glasses

Source: Shutterstock

#21. White-bell dress?

Source: Getty Images Pool SIMON/STEVENS

#22. One-leg-is-enough jeans

Source: Getty Images David Crotty

#23. Bullet dress

Source: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

#23. Big-explosion jean

Source: Internet

#23. Very helpful pocket

Source: Internet

#23. Mud-stain dress

Source: Internet

#23. Nylon-bell dress

Source: Internet

#23. Pillow shoes

Source: Internet

#23. Cow-feet-shaped boots

Source: Internet

#23. Aladdin's style

Source: Internet

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