27 Technically True Things That No One Dares To Argue With

People prefer truths to lies, no matter how harsh and bitter the formers are. That's why there’s this famous proverb saying "it’s better to be slapped by the truth than to be kissed by a lie". Apparently, in this day and age, we have little to no trust in others, especially when being online where the bad ones can hide their identities. It's advised to be cautious every time due to countless scams leading to several unfortunate situations. However, finally and luckily, we have found some people whose words can be trusted. They only tell us things that may seem so wrong at first, but at the end of the day, they are actually "technically true".
There’s this online community on Reddit known as r/technicallythetruth where people post screenshots of “information that is technically true, but far from the expected answer.” Check out 27 things that are worth noticing the most.

#1. God works in mysterious ways

Source: jinwoo1162

#2. When will it end?

Technically TrueSource: wolfiebarnes-jt

#3. Life hacks with Billionaires

Source: The_Dorito_Muncher

#4. "I hate people like this"|

Technically TrueSource: Nexus-Point

#5. What a Genius kid!

Technically TrueSource: OMNIGohan

#6. Romance starts with R

Technically TrueSource: deadlessdead

#7. What’s cookies though?

Technically TrueSource: Nickshrapnel

#8. Life savings

Source: Nickshrapnel

#9. Two brains vs one

Technically TrueSource: toohottooheavy

#10. Somebody That I Used To Knowwwwww

Source: ryoBRUHHHhhh

#11. Uhh

Technically TrueSource: alannVERTICAL

#12. "I knew math would eventually be useful."

Source: Bmchris44

#13. High on heaven

Source: outof_reach

#14. He's right

Technically TrueSource: reddit

#15. He ain't lying tho

Technically TrueSource: AnotherRedditUsertoo

#16. Well it would be hard without it

Technically TrueSource: Free_Factor_3501

#17. Yes they aren't dating anymore

Source: howto_pick_a_name

#18. "I see no lies here, just facts."

Technically TrueSource: Fun_Advice8007

#19. Thanks for the great tip

Technically TrueSource: Anteraji

#20. That's a lot of money

Source: tendencyofbattle

#21. He is speaking the language of truth

Technically TrueSource: juliashing101

#22. Different spelling for every nationality

Source: sable_finale

#23. Probably yes

Source: VinayakFromIndia

#24. Outstanding move

Source: Master1718

#25. Dad joke

Source: Master1718

#26. She doesn't drink

Source: legend27_marco

#27. How did you get into Star Wars?

Source: Catgamer_reveals

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