12 Movie Twists That Are Complete Nonsense in View of Science

Have you ever noticed how many of your favorite movie plots make no sense? Plot holes and unexplained mysteries are nothing new in Hollywood blockbusters, but occasionally the logical faults in a film go much deeper than dangling plot threads.
We are all aware that screenwriters and directors frequently embellish events in films, giving them just a vague similarity to reality. The primary goal of a movie is to entertain the audience; only after that, do they attempt to explain how the universe works. However, if these concepts appear in multiple films, we start to accept them as fact.
We have made a list of movie twists that are total nonsense in view of science after carefully examining the reviews of scientists and professionals who thoroughly analyze well-known films. Obviously, these films don't always aim for scientific accuracy, and they are made the audience's watching experience more interesting.

#1 A phone call can’t be tracked

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © 24 / Imagine Entertainment

We've all seen scenes in which a villain calls 911 and laughs the entire time, counting down the seconds until he hangs up. It is impossible to follow this person's phone number and location in the film.
The problem existed in the previous century's 1970s, but now because connections are digital, all data can be obtained quickly. The idea that tracing a phone call takes time is a misconception.

#2 All clones look alike

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © Gemini Man / Skydance Media

Because human cloning experiments are prohibited for ethical reasons, movies dealing with the subject will inevitably make the same mistakes. Clones do not necessarily look the same. Yes, they share the same genes, but their environments, upbringing, and natural conditions differ, thus they will appear differently. One such blunder was made in Gemini Man, in which Will Smith meets a younger version of himself.

#3 Cars can fly

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © Speed / 20th Century Studios

Flying vehicles are another classic urban legend. Cars miraculously lift and fly over significant distances and abysses in many action movie scenarios. Unfortunately, in real life, it is impossible.
One of the most notable scenes of this type comes in the film Speed, when a massive bus jumps over a hole in an incomplete overpass, although all rules of physics say that it must fall.

#4 Water can completely submerge the Earth

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © Waterworld / Universal Pictures

Films such as Waterworld and 2012 show terrifying scenes in which the world is completely flooded with water after a catastrophe. It appears to be quite amazing, yet it is highly improbable to happen. This is because our planet does not have enough water to cover its full surface. This means that water will never flood the entire Earth's surface.

#5 Earthquakes cause cracks that "eat up" buildings and vehicles

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © 2012 / Sony Pictures Entertainment

This is a terrifying but common motif in many disaster films. A massive earthquake strikes a metropolis, causing large cracks that actually "eat up" everything - buildings, cars, and humans.
This seismic phenomenon can cause cracks, however, they rarely exceed 3-6 feet in width. They are still extremely uncommon. To date, just one known victim of such an occurrence has been identified: a poor cow who slipped into a crack in 1906.

#6 It is easy to start a car using ignition wires

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © Gone in Sixty Seconds / Walt Disney Studios

In movies, the protagonist frequently gets into a car, expertly rubs the ignition wires, and starts the vehicle in a few seconds. This trick would be impossible to repeat in real life. It's nearly hard to do with modern cars, and attempting to start an ancient car with this method might result in catastrophic engine damage.

#7 Any photo or video can be improved to reveal more details

Nonsense in View of Science,Source: © Zack Snyder's Justice League / Warner Bros.

This myth came as a result of the film Blade Runner, in which the lead character is requested to zoom in on an image to view unnoticed details. Unfortunately, even today's technology cannot replace lost pixels and turn a blurry shot into a clear one. As a result, most secrets revealed by this method would stay unknown to most people in the actual world.

#8 Light moves the same in inverted space

Nonsense in View of Science, Light moves the same in inverted spaceSource: © Tenet / Warner Bros.

Normally, Christopher Nolan respects physics principles, but in his most recent film, Tenet, scientists did not notice the depth and reality that his previous films have. At the moment, the concept of time inverted appears to be highly controversial.
Even if such technology existed, the characters would require many other things, like light, in an inverted reality, in addition to oxygen supply. If everything here travels in reverse order, a person would most likely see only light in front of them instead of the ordinary stuff.

#9 Malicious neutrinos could cause disaster

Nonsense in View of Science, Malicious neutrinos could cause disasterSource: © Alien: Covenant / 20th Century Studios

Neutrinos are neutral particles with an extremely small mass that interact weakly with matter. In the science world, they are true loners. These insidious components, however, played a significant role in films like 2012 and Alien: Covenant. In the first scenario, their emission caused the Earth's core to melt and subsequent disasters. In the second case, it destroyed the colonist ship's solar sail, forcing the astronauts to land on another planet.
Both scenarios are unlikely. High-energy neutrinos can theoretically cause damage to objects, but they are created when stars explode.

#10 Objects in orbit move at very different speeds

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © Gravity / Warner Bros.

According to physics, Sandra Bullock's character in Gravity did not have to go the entire distance alone. Scientists were confused by the death of George Clooney's character. During the terrible scenario, the movement of both characters in outer space slowed, preventing Clooney from dragging Bullock into space with him. All the actress had to do was gently tighten the cable while preventing the astronaut from unhooking himself.

#11 Planes have hidden passageways

Nonsense in View of ScienceSource: © Flightplan / Imagine Entertainment

Jodie Foster's role in Flightplan moved through the plane's various parts, using separate tunnels and pathways designed for the crew. In actuality, aircraft are built differently – every square inch of space is utilized.
Some big airplanes have access to the cargo area, although moving seats and removing the carpet cover are required. On passenger flights, there are no labyrinths.

#12 Will Smith could save everyone

Nonsense in View of Science, Will Smith could save everyoneSource: © I Am Legend / Warner Bros.

A terrible virus from "I Am Legend" that turned everyone into monsters would be extremely unlikely to exist in the actual world. The virus in the film mutated and began to spread through the air. According to scientists, such behavior is not possible for a virus.
The second mistake was that Will Smith's character gave scientists blood samples to build a vaccine. However, his character never caught the virus, meaning that he was never a carrier of the infection. This explains that developing a vaccine based on his blood would be impossible.
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