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29 Terrible Roommates Proved That You’re Better Off Living Alone

Ah, life with roommates! The one interesting human social experience that sometimes works well and other times doesn’t. While the whole “moving in with another person” thing can teach us a lot about ourselves and make us realize some of our annoying traits, it can also help us adjust our behavior to be courteous to our fellow living partners. However, because we can’t tell if someone is decent or capable of changing until we live with them so if you end up with those infamous roommates from hell, your life is over (at least until you or that roommate moves out). Well, don’t be too sad. There’s always a sense of humor that helps in every situation, so let’s laugh at the collection of nasty and terrible roommates that we have prepared below.

From hair decorating the bathroom walls to inventing new species of mold in the kitchen, we want to warn you that these photos are not for the faint of heart (or weak of stomach). So brace yourself, grab the nearest trash can, and scroll down to check out some of the most infuriating, disgusting, and shocking photos displaying how some roommates from hell choose to live. Enjoy!

#1. “It seems like she moved in yesterday, but really, it’s been 2 months.”

Source: BatmanAndRobHim

#2. “Housemate still hasn’t got rid of his pumpkin from Halloween…”

Source: mildlyinfuriating

#3. “My roommate left his door open when he went out…”

Source: voztok232

#4. This chicken has been “marinating” since Sunday.

Source: runswithtortoise

#5. How do they have teeth left to brush?

Source: HWTSD

#6. “Asked me to stop doing her dishes. Thought that meant she was gonna start doing her dishes.”

Source: AutumnCupcake

#7. Yikes!

Source: MeredithZiegler

#8. “Roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware)”

Source: bjarbeau

#9. “My flatmate moved out and I found his room reeking of piss and the carpet stained. We never had pets, it’s human piss.”

Source: Slegers

#10. This girl waits for her mom to come from an hour and a half away to clean up her messes and wash her dishes. Not just a terrible roommate, but a terrible human too.

Source: DeathMunch

#11. “My roommate threw out my food to make room for her salad mixes in the fridge”

Source: m48_apocalypse

#12. “How my roommates treated my handmade wooden spoon my father made for me:”

Source: Vinny7777777

#13. “Our roommate moved out today…. All of those stains are dog urine.”

Source: indicagal

#14. “How my roommate uses toothpaste.”

Source: obviliousextra

#15. Terrible roommates you say?

Source: flergityberg

#16. When your flatmate’s milk aged like milk:

Source: noynoynumpty

#17. The idiot who leaves her cat’s litter box scooped in our kitchen sink.

Source: reddit

#18. “I live with two grown men. Just tell me why.”

Source: lovelymoondrops

#19. “When your flatmate likes to eat seeds and cleans the floor without vacuuming first.”

Source: mr_prout

#20. Someone has started a disgusting collection.

Source: Kinda_Zeplike

#21. “Roommates left this where our dogs hang out.”

Source: SupportLocalShart

#22. Do you just love when someone refuses to finish a bottle of Coke before opening another?

Source: mthom234

#23. That’s soup. This girl is “making” soup.

Source: sk-3y3_HIGH

#24. “I f*cking hate my flatmates (no that’s not rice)”

Source: Cynessi

#25. Roomie insists this is normal…

Source: mgf1439

#26. The way my roommate opens things.

Source: theDaninDanger

#27. What was the reason??

Source: madeyouangry

#28. And who in the right mind open bread like this?

Source: PrinceWilliamsnutsack

#29. Lastly, imagine you have to share this very “organized” fridge:

Source: imgur

Do you share a home with a roommate? Feel free to share this article with them as a gentle reminder or a joke so you guys can laugh the next time you see each other.

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