15 Hillarious Ryan Reynolds Tweets Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

If you watch Deadpool, Waiting, or Van Wilder, we all know that Ryan Reynolds is famous for his funny jokes on the big screen. However, it turns out he is as funny as hell in real life, too. Ryan can joke about everything, from the messy realities of parenthood to trolling his wifey Blake Lively,...Even some famous celebrities are his “victims” too. These 15 hilarious Ryan Reynolds tweets won’t let you down for sure. 
If you’re having a stressful day or you just want a serious laugh. These tweets are definitely for you. As one famous saying said, “Laughing is, and always be, the best form of therapy”. 

#1. Nothing better than the simple joys of finding 5 bucks in an old pair of pants, or discovering my wife and I had a second daughter over a year ago

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Best Life

#2. My daughter loves being buried up to her neck in sand at the beach...

Source: Best Life

#3. Sad I lost my virginity. But thankfully I have a daughter

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Daily Mail

#4. Happy Valentine's Day

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Glamour

#5. Went to Disneyland because my daughter's obsessed with Mickey Mouse...

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Best Life

#6. If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact someone

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Republic World

#7. Just want to wish Billy Ray Cyrus the most special, magical birthday ever...

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Pinterest

#8. The moral of the story is always something about a vasectomy

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Best Life

#9. When the parents die...

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Best Life

#10. "I can't do this"

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Mamamia

#11. "We Can't Stop"

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: The Healthy Mummy

#12. 1 yr olds are pretty dumb, so pictures help

ryan reynolds tweetsSource: Learn something new

#13. Ask your doctor if you qualify for an extension

Source: Best Life

#14. Visiting daddy's freedom

Source: Cheezburger

#15. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth.

Source: Someecards

Which Ryan Reynolds tweets are the funniest? Let us know your thought.
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