10 Weird African Foods Only The Brave Can Eat - Do You Dare To Try?

Can a sautéed frog leg, a grilled caterpillar, or a spoonful of roasted bugs tempt your taste buds? Or will they make you nauseous? What do you think about dishes made from lizards, bats, and snakes? Don't panic. I know that very few of us have ever dared to try such foods, and there are even those who have never considered them as food. They are just scary ingredients, more suitable for a Halloween party than a daily family meal, right? However, there is a fact that you may not know, which is that African people are very fond of certain dishes that seem 'horror' to the majority of the world's population.
If you are a brave and adventure-loving person who dares to try everything in the world, then read and see the images of 10 weird African foods below with an empty stomach. We have collected pictures of the strangest but most wonderful African food. Let's see if you have the courage to try these 'specialty' dishes of localities in Africa. If you show signs of going to vomit, you lose the game!
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#1 Mopane Worms (Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana)

Mopane Worms Mopane Worms

Source: Daily Maverick

#2 Lizard

Lizard Weird African Food - Fried Lizard Or Grilled Lizard Served With Sauce

Source: Reddit

#3 Alligator

Alligator Alligator

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

#4 Frog

Frog Weird African Food - Fried Frogs

Source: Gimli Fish Market

#5 Cricket

Cricket Cricket

Source: FoodPrint

#6 Palm Weevil Larvae

Palm Weevil Larvae Palm Weevil Larvae

Source: Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

#7 Bat

Bat Weird African Foods - Grilled Bats

Source:  Life with Jamike

#8 Snack

Snack Weird African Foods - Dishes From Snacks

Source: therealjamike

#9 Grasscutter Faeces

Grasscutter Faeces Grasscutter Faeces

Source: KossyDerrickEnt

#10 Cow Brain

Cow Brain Weird African Foods - Cow Brain

Source: Taste of Maroc

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