23 People Who Were Way Too Smug About Their Wrong Answers

People from all walks of life are equal and free to express their opinions. With that being said, the freedom to speak does not mean we should say something beyond the reach of our intelligence without doing proper research. If people don’t take into account the true nature of things, they will end up bringing shame on themselves as a result. We know we won’t have you trusting our words without any evidence. That’s why today we are bringing screenshots of people who were so hilariously confidently incorrect when being online and were held in derision by the Internet.
Let us introduce to you a special corner on Reddit known as r/confidentlyincorrect where people can laugh at those who proudly provided an incredibly wrong answer. Continue scrolling down to see our list of 23 of the funniest cases taken from this online community.

#1. That's why your a country not a nation

confidently incorrectSource: gruelinggoat

#2. Spain in pain

confidently incorrectSource: scndaccount112

#3. An mistake

confidently incorrectSource: OnePlayerReady

#4. 1/4 is greater than 1/3

confidently incorrectSource: punch_you

#5. Cowboys don’t exist anymore apparently

Source: onsapp

#6. Uh, no

confidently incorrectSource: brutalproduct

#7. Oh, Lavern...

Source: AdmiralDragonXC

#8. Do your own research!

confidently incorrectSource: lilbrojoey

#9. The President of the United States, totally ignorant of history that took place during his own lifetime

confidently incorrectSource: MikeMcLean83

#10. Happy 8 month old birthday!

confidently incorrectSource: These_Pressure1327

#11. $15 an hour = $100k per year

confidently incorrectSource: Borizwithaz

#12. To argue the point

confidently incorrectSource: k3464n

#13. Ah yes of course

confidently incorrectSource: Iskjempe

#14. What makes you think that video’s about you?

confidently incorrectSource: Cikin1

#15. Yea, no they haven’t

confidently incorrectSource: _Zach_F_

#16. Just like "No thanks, I won't wear a seat belt for an accident that hasn't occurred, thank you very much"

confidently incorrectSource: shit-happens-alot

#17. If it's not white, it's uncivilized

confidently incorrectSource: shit-happens-alot

#18. Is she gonna be disappointed?

Source: pigmons_balloon

#19. Hunting vegies

confidently incorrectSource: samrphgue

#20. How dumb can you get?

Source: gillug

#21. MLK would disagree

Source: jillian_jones85

#22. The incorrect thing is that this was posted on confidently incorrect

Source: MMMiammildlyannoyed

#23. Bitches with degrees

Source: The_Kendawg

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