15+ “Perfect Conspiracies” Fails That You Can’t Help But Laugh At

Many people desire to capture the perfect photos to impress everyone. Taking those photographs, on the other hand, can be difficult or impossible at times. As a result, they create “perfect conspiracies” to accomplish the impossibility. However, life is not a dream, and many creative ideas fail miserably. However, some people are stubborn, believing that their flawless conspiracies will be succeeded. Finally, after posting them on social media, they get our laughter instead of applause.
Here is a list of the most hilarious “perfect conspiracies” fails that will make you chuckle. Let’s get ready to have fun by checking them out on our list below, and don’t hesitate to share them with your friends. Enjoy!
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#1. Oh!

Source: An1onn

#2. I Think It's Time That I Stop Ordering Stuff From Aliexpress

Source: Reddit

#3. Follow Us To Quality Parking

Source: PillowTurner

#4. Nice Try, Bro

Source: An1onn

#5. Not Sure This Paint Job Is A Good Idea

Source: BacklogGamingJunkie

#6. Nice Try, Dude!

Source: Faggotini123

#7. You Can Have A 6-pack

Source: detexis

#8. Hmm

Source: JP_32

#9. When Your Attempt To Impress A Girl Doesn’t Work:

Source: detexis

#10. Easy Way To Get His Toy

Source: detexis

#11. Wait A Minute!

Source: thepoopwhisperer

#12. This Guy Was Acting Like He Was Sitting Pool Side, But He Was Really Just Sitting In A Parking Lot.

Source: gIowjay

#13. Bae Caught Me Sleeping

Source: mrvizcarrondo

#14. A Deserted Swing In The Middle Of The Ocean. Well, Maybe, Not That Deserted.

Source: An1onn

#15. When Your Face Says You’re Unhappy With The Traffic, But Your Glasses Prove Otherwise:


#16. Making Boss Moves!

Source: LegendsofCH

#17. They Have A Bad Day

Source: mccoy-joe

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