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  1. 1. Strange World Releasing on Streaming on Disney+
  2. 2. Strange World Will Be Released In Theater 
  3. 3. What is The Plot of Strange World?
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How To Watch Strange World? 2 Simple Ways

Audiences will be able to meet the Clades soon enough, but how exactly does one watch Strange World when it premieres? To find out, consider the information below your guide to this unique environment.

1. Strange World Releasing on Streaming on Disney+

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Just like Encanto, the only way to see Strange World when it releases is on the big screen in a movie theater. The last non-musical Disney film, Raya and the Last Dragon, took advantage of a unique distribution schedule. The film was released both in theaters and on Disney+ for an extra fee in addition to the streaming subscription. This was a decision made because many audiences were still staying home due to the pandemic but theaters were also starting to slowly but surely open up. Now that things have gotten somewhat better, Strange World won't be taking that release model and will instead have its premiere exclusively in theaters.
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2. Strange World Will Be Released In Theater 

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Strange World will be officially released exclusively in theaters on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. 

3. What is The Plot of Strange World?

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Strange World centers around the appropriately named Searcher Clade, a member of the Clade family whose legendary exploits cement them as the greatest explorers to ever live. Searcher, however, doesn't appear to have any interest in following his family's footsteps, instead of wishing to live out a quiet life as a farmer instead of the overwhelmingly loud, unpredictable, and dangerous life of an adventurer.
That all may very well change for Searcher when he and his family stumble upon a world that defies explanation and practically refuses to follow the basic established laws of nature. Searcher and the rest of his family couldn't be more different in terms of their responses to conflict and danger, but they'll need to put that arbitrary family drama aside if they want to truly discover what this brand-new frontier has to offer.

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