20 Times People Failed To Use The Correct Words And Resulted In Hilarity

It all began with a ridiculous image. A screenshot of Facebook user Dunta Pickett's post from August 1, 2016, in which he shared a picture of his birthday dinner and instead of writing "bon appétit," wished himself "bone apple tea," went viral.
After just one month, a subreddit with the same name was created with the aim of compiling instances of people struggling to express themselves. The phrase quickly became a household phrase on the internet. Eventually, the "Bone Apple Tea" community reached 1.2 million members, and judging by the volume of new content it produces, that number will only rise.

#1 Takin A Bath

Source: Mditty129

#2 Criminalized Onion

Source: MonkyThrowPoop

#3 Al Gore Rhythm

Source: CantEverSpell

#4 The Aarons

Source: TheSpazzerMan

#5 Lemonade These Papers

Source: ExpertAccident

#6 A B*tch You Worried

Source: nomaddd79

#7 He Do Be Coffin Skate-Ing Tho

Source: ReintegrationTablet

#8   All Tomato

Source: PlotsOfAFrog

#9 Mosquito Skeleton Society

Source: madamplease

#10 Caucasian

Source: LTAD2108

#11  Closed For Personal Circumcisions

Source: Theoneandonlyk

#12 ‘Currently I’m Into Essential Oil Diffusers And Incest’


#13 Not For Grandad


#14 Someone Needs To Tell Friday We Need Gas

Source: GonzoVeritas

#15 Shelf And Steam

Source: DravenPrime

#16 Alpaca Lips

Source: PinkyLizardBrains

#17 Gin Knee Pig

Source: Connorsweeney123

#18 Horrors Cope

Source: admiralomelette

#19 Call The Corner

Source: scorchedgoat

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