Upcoming Live-Action Spider-Man Spinoff Might Solve A Major Problem In Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

After several years of waiting and longing for Spidey-related characters to appear on the screen, a brand new live-action Spider-Man spinoff is making its way to Prime Video and MGM+. This is part of the latest deal between Sony and these two streaming platforms. 
If you are wondering more about this series, let’s find out more about this series and how a new character might fix the currently messy SSU.

#1. Everything About This New Spider-Man Spinoff TV Show 

new spider man spinoffSource: Marvel

The TV Show was supposed to be a Spider-Man spinoff movie, however, Sony decided to make it into a series. Silk: Spider Society is going to center on Cindy Moon, a Korean American superhero. She is also bitten by the spider that does the same thing to Peter Parker. Unfortunately, she is somehow less lucky than him. She loses her family and goes to prison. Later on, she “escapes imprisonment and searches for her missing family on her way to becoming the superhero known as Silk." That’s what Angela Kang, the show runner, shared about the upcoming series. 
Following Sony’s announcement, Kang showed her anticipation and interest “I look forward to working with the executive team on diverse, character-forward, watercooler shows for a global audience and am so excited to dive in to my first challenge — bringing Korean-American superhero Silk to life on screen.” Until now, there is not much information about the TV series. However, hopefully the new character and TV show will set the SSU in a new light.
Currently, this franchise has some serious problems and flaws. What is the biggest problem with this universe?

#2. There Is No Spider-Man In This Universe 

sony spider man spinoffSource: Sony

The franchise started off in 2018 with the first feature film, Venom featuring Tom Hardy as the leading actor. Despite the fact that this initial movie was a hit from the box office, the sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) could not manage to earn the same success. Morbius premiering this year was even a flop, grossing not even $200 million worldwide. However, the pandemic could be one of the factors affecting its performance. Significantly, there is no Spider-Man in these movies to oppose these villains. Needless to say, Spider-Man is the most popular superhero from Marvel Comics. Without Spidey, this universe is just pointless. 

#3. Sony Is Aiming High With This Franchise  

spider man spinoff movieSource: Sony

Spider-Man and related characters are Marvel’s characters that Sony has full copyrights to bring to the screen. Previously, the Japanese company successfully released Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse premiered in 2018 was also a huge hit, commercially and critically. The movie even earned an Oscar award. 
The shared universe about all Spider-Man-related characters is also an effort to expand all the possibilities and achievements the company might get. They even had to make a deal with Marvel Studios and Disney to bring Peter Parker back to the theater. Clearly, MCU’s Peter Parker trilogy is an enormous success. Otherwise, it also has an influence on what Sony has always wanted to create, its own Spider-Verse. 
Silk is not the only series that will premiere. With 900 Marvel characters that Sony owns, there is a long list of future projects including Madame Web, Kraven The Hunter, El Muerto, The Sinister Six and so much more. Next year, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse will be in theaters and is believed to be as successful as its predecessor. 
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