Jason Momoa Slumberland: When Dreams Feels Like Nightmares

Jason Momoa Slumberland has just been available to stream since November 18, 2022 on Netflix. The new family fantasy movie is receiving both negative and positive reviews from audiences and critics. 
Is the movie worth-watching? Let us help you decide in this post. 

#1. Jason Momoa Slumberland Trailer Has Revealed A Few Things 

jason momoa netflix slumberland Source: Netflix

The official trailer of the film was released 3 months ago and introduced us to a brand new dreamland. Fantasy family adventure movies are essential during family gatherings because both kids and adults might enjoy this genre. These include Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard Of Oz, The Chronicles Of Narnia and so many more. Slumberland, however, will be a quite different movie which is a little darker and more thrilling.
The movie is a live-action adaptation of the comic series Little Nemo Slumberland by Winsor McCay in the early 19th century. The series focuses on a young boy, Nemo, and his journey to Slumberland through his dreams. The dreams often start normally but get weirder at the end. 
In the movie, Marlow Barkley’s Nemo is a girl living with her uncle after her father is lost in the sea. Through dreams, she enters Slumberland and meets with Jason Momoa’s Flip. Together, they join in different adventures and explore this dreamland. 

#2. When Dreams Do Not Feel Dreamy 

jason momoa slumberland trailerSource: Netflix

Francis Lawrence is the chief director of the film. Previously, he was also in charge of Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, Moama’s See on Apple TV and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 & Part 2. Clearly, his movies are all dark-themed and probably not suitable for kids. This movie is a different story when he made an effort to pull off a family-friendly movie. Therefore, it gets brighter than his previous works. Compared to the original by McCay, it is also notably easier to watch and less chaotic. 
It is praised for the character's costumes and cinematography. It gives off a classic, gloomy yet aesthetic vibe which is pleasing to the eyes. Also, the performances of the cast are also remarkable. Jason Momoa is best known for his muscular, heroic roles such as Aquaman and Dune. This time, his leading character as an outlaw adventurer will certainly surprise many of us. The 14-year-old star Barkley also gave a decent performance with her first leading role. 
The movie is well-balanced between comedic, adventurous and also, drama elements. Jason Momoa Slumberland is not only a regular adventure film but also realistic and emotional. In the end, the movie also delivers a meaningful message that dreams could be an escape, but not permanent. 

#3. There Are Still Flaws With The Movie 

jason momoa slumberland release dateSource: Netflix

Despite all the compliments, there are still several things that could be improved. First of all, the movie might be a little tricky and thrilling for young viewers. A 2-hour-length film is also a little too much for these audiences and confuses them several times with reality-dream swaps. The Netflix adaptation falls between a blockbuster family movie and a fantasy adventure. Most significantly, the structure and plot of the movie might bore for their discontinuation. 
However, it’s a great entertaining movie. Jason Momoa Slumberland release date is also very near to Thanksgiving which is a great occasion for a family gathering. Obviously, the movie is suitable for such holidays. Otherwise, it’s far from a great and must-watch movie. 
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