7 Celebrities Who Are Exceptionally Nice

There are several examples of celebrities acting inappropriately, whether it be by making unreasonable demands while on tour, ignoring fans, or cheating on their partners.
But not all of them are like that. Some famous people go above and above to be kind. And it's not merely a PR stunt.
There are a few celebrities who are deserving of sainthood, just like those people in your life who always seem to have others' best interests in mind. They never make a mistake, are selfless beyond belief, and never fail to think of others. Here are seven well-known public figures who are exceptionally nice.

1. Macaulay Culkin


Saw Macaulay Culkin in the audience at a concert. It ended and everyone was leaving, but he stayed in his seat coloring in a coloring book. Some women excitedly went to say hi, and he gave them pages to color too. They sat. It was mesmerizing. No words, just vibes and crayons/colored pencils. © SimoneKali / Twitter

2. Marion Cotillard

Source: Paramount Pictures

I was working at a big store in New York, and that day, I was downstairs in the Kids/Books/HAY section. I was standing by the register when I saw Marion Cotillard. I was in shock, seeing her. I wanted to blabber to her and say that I love her work, so on and so forth... but I was at work. So, I just helped her pick gifts for kids. She had an assistant with her, who was constantly asking me questions, but Marion was so kind and chill. She didn’t have the air of a celebrity at all. She just wanted to shop, be normal, and enjoy her day. © Shayna Martell / Quora

3. Prince

Source: Getty Images

My aunt was dating a member of the Time. He needed to drop by Prince’s while they were babysitting me. I hit my head on a table and freaked out. Prince calmed me down by picking me up/ice and when we left I said I wanted a snack to go. And he made me a to-go bag. The end. © ItsTheBrandi / Twitter

4. Rick Moranis

Source: Nigel Wright for Rotten Tomatoes

The star of Ghostbusters, Rick Moranis, quit acting at the height of his career, so he could focus on taking care of his kids after the death of his wife. © ChaoticPotatoSalad / Reddit
Rick Moranis saw me staring at him at a restaurant when I was 8. When he was done eating, he walked over, squatted next to me, and said, “Is there something you want to ask me?” I asked for his autograph and he gave it to me. Later that day he saw me waking around town, and he was surrounded by a bunch of people signing autographs, he yelled my name out to me and said hi again. © IheartPandas666 / Reddit

5. Salma Hayek

Source: Getty Images

I met this gorgeous woman on the street when I was walking my dog. We talked for a while, and I immediately developed the biggest crush on her. She was funny, absolutely gorgeous, super charming and easy to talk to. Then some other lady came and basically took her away in a car, and we said goodbye. I turned to my sister and asked if it seemed like she was into me, and she just laughed at me. My sister had to point it out to me afterward that she Salma Hayek. My sister still brings it up to me all the time that I fell in love with Salma Hayek and had no idea who she was. © slugan192 / Reddit

6. Steve Buscemi

Source: Image Entertainment

My dad, a New York cop, worked closing down a street in Queens for a movie shoot. Steve Buscemi started chatting with my dad, who is a huge fan. Mr. Buscemi waited around for my dad to drive round trip to Long Island, so he could sign his Reservoir Dogs poster. © polkaguy6000 / Reddit

7. Zendaya

Source: Marvel/Disney

I met Zendaya at Disneyland. She was a young teenager (13?). Kids were lining up to try and get a photo/autograph and her group was trying to cut them off and move everyone along, but Zendaya very firmly said “No, no, no, we are not going to do that. They want to meet us and without their support none of us would be standing here, so I am going to take pictures with them because they’ve been patiently waiting.” I was absolutely floored by someone so young being 1) so firm and unafraid to stand up for herself to adults and 2) so cognizant of the fact that her career is dependent on viewership, and that alienating viewers is not a great career decision. © DENATTY / Reddit
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