Famous People Who Don’t Get Consumed By Fame

We occasionally witness celebrities spoiling themselves. The fact that they treat fans badly and are surrounded by scandals shows that they are not prepared for this level of public scrutiny. However, there are some celebrities who are skilled at controlling their fame and using it for good; they treat their fans with respect and participate in charitable endeavors.
Aubtu is prepared to share which celebs are genuinely lovely individuals after carefully reading online user accounts.

1. Alison Brie

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I met Alison Brie when I worked at a ritzy rooftop club in LA. She treated me, her ordinary waiter, like an old friend, and by the end of the day we were laughing and talking with each other like idiots. I understand why she’s so successful. © MarvinLazer / Reddit

2. Andre 3000

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Once, Andre 3000 was on my ferry ride to Alcatraz and I said hi. My 6-year-old autistic son came over and started talking his ear off about German Shepherds, his obsession at the time. Andre talked to him about dogs for like 20 minutes. We exchanged numbers. 4 years later, I got this text: “Hi, Jason. I was searching for a name, and yours popped up. I remember our cool encounter on the boat. How is the kid? I’m living in NYC now. So, if you’re ever out here, please reach out.” © LucidJay / Twitter

3. Brendan Fraser

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I was in a Facebook group that was just dedicated to how much we loved Brendan Fraser. Someone was going to meet him at a convention and asked us to leave comments about how much he meant to us. They printed out this massive stack of pure love and gave it to him. They said he flipped through it for a second and then cried. Gave them a big hug and asked them to thank us. © thatspooky***** / Reddit

4. David Tennant

Source: Twitter

Saw a premiere once, and all the actors walked right past the bystanders — except David Tennant. He actually bent down to this little boy’s level, answered his questions, and then talked to the child about his favorite things to do. All genuine. Lovely real guy. © Bridie180 / Reddit

5. Hugh Jackman

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A buddy of mine worked on Logan, and said that Hugh Jackman took each department out to dinner and paid for everything. But the department my buddy worked in was only 4 people, so Hugh Jackman offered to bring them back to the cabin he was staying at and personally cook them dinner. He still provided an impressive spread, everything tasted amazing, and Hugh Jackman was apparently just the nicest guy. © Ultimatespacewizard / Reddit

6. Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Source: Reddit

Paul Rudd purchased a candy store in upstate NY with Jeffery Dean Morgan because the owner died, and they refused to let the “heart” of their community close down. © missvicky1025 / Reddit

7. John Travolta

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I was in a hotel, having run from the swimming pool back to my room to get something. No glasses or contact lenses. I’m nearsighted. As I was getting on, I saw a couple pushing a baby carriage trying to get to the elevator. I held the door for them, and they got in. They seemed nice, but the woman was distraught that her baby was crying. I told her not to worry, I have a baby, I get it, and you have a beautiful kid there. I could tell a wave of relief came over both of them. They seemed truly encouraged to hear someone say this. We went down the elevator together and said polite things and smiled at each other as we got out of the elevator. I then saw my friends in the lobby, waiting for me. They had a kind of astonished look on their faces. Then one asked if I had any idea who I was talking to — I looked and realized it was John Travolta and his wife! © Jeffrey Crampton / Quora

8. Keanu Reeves

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There’s a reason why people love Keanu Reeves. He bought an entire crew bikes after one of his movies finished filming, he helped a guy open a restaurant, he helped fund a surgery, he sat and talked with a homeless guy — the man is just everywhere and, for some reason, just casually carries envelops of cash with him. © wolfyfancylads / Reddit
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