Let's Figure Out How 9 Celebrities Get Back In Shape

Though we all know the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, it's not easy for most of us. When we lose control of our bodies, we often feel envious of perfect and beautiful stars. However, not all celebrities are able to keep in shape without much effort. In fact, many singers and actresses used to look totally different at one time before they then got themselves together.
Let's browse through 9 famous figures with their amazing transformations!

#1 John Goodman

Celebrities Get Back In Shape

Sometimes, you only realize you need to change when things are a bit out of hand. John Goodman figured out that he needed to control what he eat when he weighed 400 lbs. Since 2015, the actor has lost half of his weight by following a strict diet.

#2 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian used to be the chubby one in her family. However, she took control of her weight and carried out her own weight loss show titled Revenge Body after her divorce.

#3 Jennifer Hudson

While many recommend regular exercise as an effective way to keep in shape, this method is not for a busy person like Jennifer Hudson. Therefore, she decided to control her diet and successfully lost nearly 80 pounds since 2010.

#4 Adele

Celebrities Get Back In Shape

While Adele looked quite plump in 2008, she has become much curvier and more attractive since then. She shared that she lost weight for her personal happiness instead of trying to fit the beauty standards. The singer's secret is to totally cut out sugar intake.

#5 Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks was determined to keep fit by counting calories, walking regularly, and working out with a personal trainer. She succeeded to lose 50 lbs in 2012.

#6 Kelly Osbourne

Celebrities Get Back In Shape

It's great to see how Kelly Osbourne feels happy after losing 85 lbs by 2020. All her efforts have paid off when now she can fit into a size 2.

#7 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera lost 40 pounds in 2013 after taking control of her diet and training regimen. She said that reiki, a Japanese type of alternative medicine, helped her so much in the transformation journey.

#8 Mama June

Celebrities Get Back In Shape

June Shannon has lost 300 pounds in a few years. She stuck to a strict diet and regular exercise after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in 2015.

#9 Rebel Wilson

Celebrities Get Back In Shape

Rebel Wilson astounded everyone with her weight loss journey. She has lost over 100 lbs and transformed into a sexy lady. The actress's key to success is physical training.
Do you think these transformations are amazing? Have you ever tried to take control of your weight? What did you do? Let's share your experience with us in the comment, and please subscribe to our website for more interesting news!
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