8 Movie Myths That Have Nothing To Do With Reality

The sun is yellow, mice love cheese, sharks can smell the blood from far away, etc… That’s what most people believe in. But in reality, they are absolutely not like that.
In fact, most people believe in them as they watch them in movies, instead of digging into them in reality. Movies can shape the belief of people, yet not all things in the movie are right. That causes the misconception and widely spread it.
In this post, we’ve enlisted 8 movie myths that are far cry from reality. You may be the one who solidly believes that’s right. And at the end, our post will help you broaden your horizon or rectify your misconception.

#1 There’s No Such Thing as Photographic Memory

Source: © Suits / Universal Content Productions© The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / Columbia Pictures

Many movies have characters who have a great ability to remember and memorize everything perfectly. Mike from Suits or Lisbeth from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is examples. But in reality, that’s virtually impossible.
The only thing slightly close is a good autobiographical memory, which only around 100 people on the planet have. However, this is not the same thing. People with this talent learn just as well as others, yet they can recall what they had for lunch when they were 10 years old.

#2 It’s Impossible to Turn Your Hair Blonde From Dark Without Discoloration

Source: © Red Sparrow / 20th Century Studios© EAST NEWS

In movies, characters simply apply hair dye to make their hair white. The issue here is that the paint will not be able to tint dark hair rapidly. And you'll almost certainly wind up with the same hue you started with. And don't do it without gloves, as the character Red Sparrow did.

#3 Lasers Are Not Visible in Space and Travel at Significantly Quicker Speeds

Source: © Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker / Lucasfilm

Have you ever wondered why the Star Wars troopers aren't very excellent fighters? It's not their fault; they have weapons that move faster than bullets. To avoid them, you don't have to be Neo from The Matrix. In actuality, lasers travel at the speed of light and are invisible if no objects reflect light. In space, there are no such things.

#4 Mice Don’t Like Cheese

Source: © WALT Disney PICTURES / Album / EAST NEWS, ©

What do Mice like most? Guest that 99.9% of children will answer that’s cheese as they tend to see that in animated movies. But any pest controller or pet store owner knows that mice don't actually like cheese at all, and they'll even intentionally avoid certain types of cheese.
Even the BBC experimented, giving mice cheddar, grapes, and peanuts. The mice always began their meals with peanuts, occasionally with grapes, but never with cheese. The cheese might not have been fancy enough for mice.

#5 It Is Impossible to Communicate Instantly Over Large Distances

Source: © Interstellar / Legendary Pictures

Moviemakers believe that since we can communicate with individuals around the world in real time, we can also communicate with astronauts who are distant from Earth. But the bad news is that they are violating the rules of physics. We could communicate with someone on the Moon. However, if we were to imagine someone on Mars, for instance, the light would need 12.5 minutes to travel between Earth and Mars.

#6 Sharks Are Unable to Detect a Drop of Blood From Great Distances

Source: © Open Water / Lionsgate

Predators actually have a good sense of smell, but in movies, this is greatly exaggerated. Even though some sharks are capable of detecting blood across great distances, it is unlikely that they could do it from another continent. Moreover, experiments show that they are not particularly interested in human blood, at least not any more so than in the blood of other mammals. But even so, if you have an open wound, we don't advise swimming.

#7 DNA Cannot Be Kept in Amber For a Long Time

Source: © Lebedev4789 / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY 4.0

In the movie Jurassic Park, researchers were able to recover a dinosaur's DNA from a mosquito that bit it and was preserved in an amber specimen. Of course, since DNA degrades and amber isn't the ideal storage medium, this is nothing more than the product of the creators' imagination. The DNA of actual dinosaurs cannot now be extracted (for better or worse). However, if we search for it, we won't find it in amber.

#8 The Sun Is Not Yellow

Source: © Sunshine / DNA Films

Last but not least, most movies depict the sun in their scenes with yellow color as most people believe that. Everybody uses yellow to paint their sun in their school time. However, it’s not yellow, just the atmosphere makes it seem that way. And if you can go to space, you’ll realize that the sun is white.
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