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20 People Who Definitely Regret Every Single Decision They Made

Have you ever done a facepalm after making a very damn decision? For example, you try to withdraw money from an ATM; however, the money gets stuck and you are unable to get it out. After that, it pulls it back in and still takes money out of your bank account! And you feel like you might have been born under a bad star. Don’t worry because you are not alone. There are many people who regret every single decision they made.

We have collected 20 pictures of people who definitely regret every single decision they made. We are sure that at that moment, hiding their face on the ground was the best thing they could do. Scroll down to check out these funny photos. And don’t forget to vote for the one you like the most.

#1. Does this count as a facepalm?

Source: Low-Heart-3566

#2. Attempted to take $60 out. Got stuck and I couldn’t get it out. Then it sucked it back in and still took $60 out of my account!

Source: DeborahBaccus

#3. 1st attempt at smoking a brisket – Happy Mother’s Day!

Source: UNHOLYpuppetboy

#4. Someone left their bike under the wrong tree

Source: Nordic_Plant_Lover

#5. Kid peed in the humidifier

Source: hushitsu

#6. Not sure it work

Source: Relevant_Panda69

#7. A spider has gone inside my monitor screen and died

Source: vsRushy

#8. My neighbor has indeed a bright light

Source: TheNotTooDarkLord

#9. Went to eat my Uber eats delivery from DQ in Bellingham Washington and there’s a bite out of it…

Source: whatsqwerty

#10. Dropped my ravioli taking it out the microwave at work

Source: vachon11

#11. Was washing a (very sharp) greasy piping tip at work. Slipped right onto my finger before I could stop it

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: abby_petty

#12. I accidentally washed $10

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: BocceBurger

#13. My ice cream cake came without the best part, the chocolate crunchies

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: Berniesbarehands

#14. Cops pepper sprayed their own Senator without realizing he’s an authority figure

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: thewrongun

#15. The size of my sister’s burger at Applebee’s

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: Tiger212GB

#16. We ordered a grill. Got 300 iPads

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: usuzulose

#17. Badminton bat handle desolving in my hand

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: Avgeek_A321

#18. Sofa made it from California to London, only to get stuck in the entryway

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: mistapapageorgio

#19. Seems legit?

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: Extra-Contribution41

#20. Attempted to make Flower Pancakes for my wife as a mothers day surprise but they ended up looking like Corona Cakes

People Who Regret Every Decision Source: ChopperNYC

If you want more funny pics, visit our page to have a long belly laugh.

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