Drunk Photos That You DEFINITELY Don’t Want To Be In

Almost all of us have been to at least one great party in our lifetime. And when the fun went a little bit out of hand, we usually ended up like one of these fellas: The first bunch is those who decided to stay after the last call and ended up being the ones who rewarded the partygoers with pictures of their most humiliating moments. The next ones are those who passed out at the party, and yes, you can almost guarantee they woke up with their faces covered in makeup or even worse. And lastly are those who did not pass out but still did some really stupid stuff, and they will have their drunk photos captured forever by those they may have considered friends.
Thanks to the internet, we can all enjoy those photos without having to actually attend the party and risk becoming the stars of a photo ourselves. Continue reading to see some of the funniest drunk photos that you DEFINITELY do not want to be in. Let's scroll down and check them out; enjoy!
Just a quick reminder, please consume alcohol responsibly. We don't advocate heavy drinking or hard partying. So if you or someone you know has a drinking problem, please ask for help from professionals.

#1. Hung over:

Source: personal

#2. Five bucks say he'll regret waking up.

Source: zaznoticias

#3. Hang in there, buddy!

Source: pinimg

#4. It almost worked...

Source: acidcow

#5. Yesterday this girl totally rocked the dancefloor and did splits, now she has to use crutches:

Source: lovelypay

#6. Big ouch!

Source: acidcow

#7. "I only had 2 drinks last night"

Source: dodheim

#8. Just a little nap:

Source: kayy_mat

#9. This guy was drunk when he decided to tattoo himself with neither experience nor artistic ability:

Source: yllwsnow2

#10. Someone must have one epic night.

Source: Reddit

#11. It works!

Source: pinimg

#12. Well fella, I think it's time to go home.

Source: Reddit

#13. “No wonder I didn’t get up on time today.”

Source: sammyfrisa

#14. That is some strong fabric right there.

Source: Mykeyboy

#15. Saturday night. It's Irish yoga time!

Source: Addicted2Groove

#16. Sweet dream.

Source: chzbgr

#17. Uh, buddy...

Source: barnorama

#18. "Fine but just ONE drink."

Source: facebook

#19. Bros who got drunk together, stay together.

Source: ebaumsworld

#20. And lastly: no man is left behind.

Source: No Chaser

Have you or your friends ever ended up like this? Please share your crazy after-the-party photos in the comments below!
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