Breaking Bad Stars: Then And Now

When Breaking Bad came to a conclusion in 2013, it had been over ten years. Better Call Saul, the prequel to the series, allowed us to spend a bit more time with some of our favorite characters, but the show is still as current as ever. This year saw the final episode of Better Call Saul air, leaving us to wonder what the show's actors have been up to lately.

1. Aaron Paul

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Aaron Paul, one of the most recognizable characters from Breaking Bad, also frequently returned to the role of Jesse Pinkman. In 2019, he was cast in the Netflix original film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which explores Jesse's life after the events of the original series.
He also appeared in the ultimate episodes of Better Call Saul. He served as the voice actor and executive producer for the Netflix sitcom BoJack Horseman from 2014 to 2020. Additionally, he had appearances in the Need for Speed film and one episode of Black Mirror. Most recently, he has been a star of the television series Westworld.
In 2018 and 2022, he and his wife Lauren welcomed their son and daughter, respectively. Bryan Cranston, who portrayed Walter White, will serve as his son's godfather, according to Paul. "One of his best pals in the entire world," he says of Cranston.

2. Anna Gunn

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After the final episode of Breaking Bad aired, Anna Gunn, who played Skyler White, was given the lead role in Gracepoint, a 2014 adaptation of the British series Broadchurch. Additionally, she made an appearance in 10 episodes of Shades of Blue. The actress has also made a few other brief cameos in series including Prodigal Son and Criminal Minds.
She was given a role in the upcoming show Sugar in 2022 alongside Dennis Boutsikaris from Better Call Saul (who played Rick Schweikart).

3. Betsy Brandt

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One of her character's distinguishing characteristics in the television series Breaking Bad was her preoccupation with the color purple, when the actress played the role of Marie Schrader. Fans couldn't tell what shade she was donning when she returned with her role on one of Better Call Saul's final episodes because all of her scenes were shot in black and white. Unexpectedly, Betsy then confirmed that it wasn't purple.
Brandt has taken on a variety of roles since the series' finale, including Sandy on Parenthood, Heather in Life in Pieces, and Dawn in Love, Victor. She will make her appearance in upcoming films including Jefferies and The Grotto.

4. Bob Odenkirk

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Bob Odenkirk admitted that he didn't anticipate playing Saul Goodman for over three episodes the moment he was cast in the part. However, not only did Bob’s character appear in 43 episodes of the original series; Saul Goodman also starred in the Better Call Saul prequel, which aired from 2015 to 2022.
Bob had a heart attack in 2021 while filming the show, but fortunately made a recovery and was able to resume filming in just six weeks, earning accolades from his coworkers. Despite the fact that the series is no longer airing, the actor still has other projects planned; his upcoming program, Straight Man, is scheduled to premiere in 2023. He made numerous other film and television appearances throughout the Better Call Saul run, including Undone and Little Women.

5. Bryan Cranston

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Walter White, the central character, was brought to life by Bryan Cranston. He has completed an incredible number of projects after the conclusion of the show, including Trumbo and Godzilla. The actor has played a main character in the television series Your Honor since 2020, playing a judge by the name of Michael Desiato.
It's reasonable to predict that we'll be seeing Cranston on our screens for a very long time because he also has a number of films scheduled. Cranston reprised his Breaking Bad role in Better Call Saul's final two episodes, much to the delight of fans.

6. Dean Norris

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In the first series, the actor portrayed agent Hank Schrader, and in the prequel Better Call Saul, he reprised his character. In addition to that, he made appearances in a number of well-known shows, including Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, and Claws. Audiences may anticipate his role in the sequel to the 2019 film Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which is presently in pre-production.

7. Giancarlo Esposito

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On Better Call Saul, which premiered in 2017, he reprised his Breaking Bad role of Gus Fring. The actor has been a part of more than 50 projects since leaving the original series in 2011, some of which have incorporated voice acting. He has appeared on The Get Down, Once Upon a Time, and The Mandalorian, among other programs. He is also anticipated to show up in the next Jigsaw series.

8. Jonathan Banks

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Since 2009, seasoned performer Jonathan Banks played Mike Ehrmantraut on the hit television series Breaking Bad. He then reprised the role in the films Better Call Saul, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and Better Call Saul: Madrigal Electromotive Security Training.
He not only played a significant role in the world of Breaking Bad, but he also appeared in The Commuter and Mudbound. In 2016, Banks also received an honorary doctorate.

9. RJ Mitte

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The actor who played Walter White Jr. on television has always been a supporter of those with disabilities and has been a spokesperson for performers with impairments. He has appeared in a variety of other projects after the conclusion of Breaking Bad, including the television series Switched at Birth and the film The Recall. The actor currently has at least five films and television shows in the works, with Issac—in which he will play the lead role—being one of the most eagerly anticipated.

10. Steven Michael Quezada

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On Breaking Bad and two episodes of Better Call Saul, the comedian played the character Steven Gomez. He and the rest of the cast received a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2014 for their work on the show, which he proudly mentions in his Twitter bio. He has mainly performed stand-up comedy and made appearances in movies recently, including Wish Man and Holiday for Heroes. At least five upcoming projects are expected to feature him.
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