32 Funny "Eureka" Moments When People Realized How Badly They Misunderstood Famous Logos

In a nutshell, a logo is a mark made of text and images adopted by an organization to identify its offering. Ideally, a logo will present a brand to an audience while also differentiating it from the competition. A good logo just makes sense. It will feel simple, unforced, and natural, yet elegant and brilliant all at once.
Logos are often not only easy to be recognized but also contain unique short messages. They are carefully designed to make a big impression on audiences. However, sometimes, that impression can be misunderstood hilariously. Let's see what people from the bluebird app got to say on this topic when Freddie Campion tweeted about his wife uproariously misreading KFC's logo!
The "eureka" moments when people know they messed up with logos' actual meanings, here they are!

#1. Someone explains why his face was so detailed but he just has a stick figure body.

Misunderstood Famous LogosSource: @FreddieCampion

#2. A tree, a gorilla, and a lion

Source: @sasidechick

#3. It’s always been teeth

Misunderstood Famous LogosSource: @nadiabirm

#4. Priceless

Source: @GeekTrader

#5. Who saw the arrow at first?

Misunderstood Famous LogosSource: @chrisol72

#6. Have Toblerone almost every day and still can't see it.

Source: @bangtaneggcup

#7. Can't un-see that now.

Source: @NickLewis37

#8. Black F and white 1

Source: @JAG30997

#9. Really?

Source: adampockaj

#10. And the front of his hat is somehow BEHIND HIS EYEBALLS

Misunderstood Famous LogosSource: @LetsGoStrangers

#11. And the “y” in Disney wasn’t a “p”.

Source: @toho1988

#12. They are totally antlers!

Source: @thesporq

#13. Or “two snakes chasing your car”

Source: @BeneFactumGames

#14. Sure it's soda

Source: @GinaResists

#15. This was some kind of woodswoman dancing.

Source: @AmerIndivis

#16. What Zup bro?

Source: @clarkzip

#17. Reasonable

Source: @girlfrommars

#18. F and W octopus

Source: @nicholasforlong

#19. So he only had two limps behind, didn't he?

Source: @racieta2

#20. Ha ha

Source: @magictwicks

#21. Great minds!

Source: @ResistanceGifts

#22. Did you also realize the wings are making a W?

Source: @Cmullett69

#23. She’s a mermaid with a double tail.

Source: @KatDalziel

#24. The placement of the yellow trim above the left hand is very suspicious

Source: @Teeda100

#25. You know they did that on purpose! They had to!

Source: @LordPengwyn

#26. Pacman and his eagle

Source: @adamshapiro

#27. Hard case

Source: @c_pittman_

#28. New York Yankees the Chinese

Source: @willington

#29. How?

Source: soulbaby101

#30. Or rolls of toilet paper.

Source: @danrhan

#31. Diamond with a snake?

Source: @Jojje94

#32. Milwaukee Brewers

Source: @DocBender

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