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30+ Stupid Gendered Marketing Tactics That Will Make Your Eyes Roll

An excellent marketing plan is one that makes a good impression on the viewers, giving them an unforgettable memory of the advertising. Another way to make them remember the marketing idea is to make pointless comments, especially about gender. However, this will leave a negative customer experience, and it can affect the brand’s image.

The following post will give you a good look at how many stupid gendered marketing tactics exist in our everyday lives. And to be honest, they’re not just examples of bad marketing but also horrible narratives toward young children. Just imagine these stupid gendered marketing tactics will make young boys think they can’t cry or express their emotions, and young girls think they can use the color blue or play with the robot. It’s just horrible and embarrassing. So let’s hope those big corporations will do better in the future so we can have a better environment for our kids to grow up in.

But for now, let ready to raise an eyebrow (or two) as we present times when people find the absolute worst gendered marketing tactics; enjoy!

#1. Nooo, not the Pocky.

Source: ShamusKhan


#2. So, are all women vegan?

Source: PaulaArcari

#3. A tool kit made by tools.

Source: HeroicGirls

#4. We gendered bread now, really?

Source: phoenix_7_9

#5. Toothpaste for men… but only at night.

Source: TheRidleyJones

#6. Why didn’t count previous women winners?

Source: reillyskye_x

#7. See that it has been ENGINEERED like other cool manly things such as cars and lawnmowers, but we ended up with chapstick:

Source: Pinterest

#8. How to tell time like a man”

Source: Pinterest

#9. This bathtub:

Source: OllieDiggleDo

#10. Finally, women can tell the time.

Source: stonecatstudio1

#11. Heads-up: girls can’t touch these letters.

Source: Pinterest

#12. Juice package for him and for her… Seriously?

Source: Elisa_Klein_

#13. And it was only $49.99!

Source: Reddit

#14. Wow, they really made her inferior to him in EVERY WAY didn’t they??

Source: MsAndrea

#15. This little cutie’s face said it all.

Source: MerithsMisc

#16. Did you know men’s hair is so powerful it would break a regular comb?

Source: Pinterest

#17. According to Fitbit: Men want to look smart, and women want to look… pink.

Source: JoeSchofield0

#18. Should have given the woman’s hand a dress as well just to make sure.

Source: conorsmith

#19. Pointlessly gendered and homophobic at the same time.

Source: Haebak

#20. Real men guess what they look like.

Source: judges119

#21. “Man town”?

Source: ChsSmth47

#22. WTF is this???

Source: dreamer-imfinite

#23. Every Hallmark Christmas movie: green is man, red is woman.

Source: Slight_Knee_silly

#24. They didn’t even stop at War Paint. It’s WAR PAINT FOR MEN.

Source: Disfordonuts

#25. Communicating with spirits and ghosts… but in a girly way:

Source: TheSapphicEnby

#26. Or maybe just gendering chocolate is dumb?

Source: DanielM4713

#27. “Fathering a child? Sounds pretty girly to me”

Source: browncoat619

#28. Gender-appropriate “fun”

Source: Yensil314


#29. Silky foam for lady’s ears. Men don’t touch!

Source: casualmex

#30. Why can’t girls be brave and boys be handsome as well?

Source: HeroicGirls

#31. I… I was lost for words:

Source: histam_ine

#32. Same items inside, but somehow hers costs 30% more.

Source: RosieStarling

#33. Gotta cover that Adam’s Apple, keep it safe.

Stupid Gendered MarketingSource: willowtrace

#34. Must be manly even while sheet masking.

Source: bubblegutteralguts

#35. It starts early… my antenatal clinic shows how boys and girls kick differently in the womb.

Source: Paclerin

#36. Oh boy, I must have double the man or teenager proportion my entire life.

Source: Carras1982

#37. Ah, yes, girls live on a different planet.

Stupid Gendered MarketingSource: awildjord

#38. Building an empire, one Q-tip at a time.

Stupid Gendered MarketingSource: YourAuntySocial

#39. Which brunch are you: man, woman, or waffle?

Stupid Gendered MarketingSource: jesslhnolan

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