25 Badass Grandmas Who Are Cooler Than We Will Ever Be

We're sure you've heard the stereotype of our grandmothers as dainty women, spending days baking cakes, playing bingo, and knitting. Well, we are here to prove that stereotype wrong. By clicking on the following pics, you will see the exciting lives of these badass grandmas. From dressing like fashionistas every day to partying like champs, these grannies prove that they are strong and witty. Hence, they are just going out here and enjoying their lives to the fullest! And let's be honest here: our lives aren't even as fun and exciting as these badass grandmas' lives.
So let's set our envy aside and have fun with all these badass grannies by scrolling down and checking them all out. Don't forget to share this post with your beloved Nanas, and let us know their thoughts in the comment section below!

#1. Cuban grandmas:

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#2. Rock on Nana!

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#3. "89-year-old grandma celebrated her birthday in Cabo. This was the picture she captioned and sent to us"

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#4. Nana said, "Turn it up!"

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#5. "Here's a picture of my 83-year-old grandma mid-skydive."

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#6. Grandma's birthday (ft. male stripper)

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#7. "Just the usual tea party."

Source: Unknown

#8. Grandma knows the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

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#9. "Shots with the girls"

Source: paytongrett

#10. "My grandma and her friends with Snoop Lion (then Dogg) in 2009."

Source: Reddit

#11. Nana doesn't play.

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Source: MaddieRae5

#13. "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me"

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#14. "Just having some fun with my boys!"

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#15. "My Grandma is going out tonight"

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#16. "My cousin sent me a photo of my 90 y/o grandmother playing beer bong."

Source: boyyyer

#17. Baddie Winkle - the coolest grandma you've ever met.

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#18. "Can't see the haters"

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#19. 100 and going strong.

Source: Don Davis

#20. Just living her best life:

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#21. Her hips don't lie.

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#22. "Found on a grandma's camera after a New Year's cruise"

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#23. "Our state legalized, but Grandma and her friends still take precautions with their gifts:"

Source: relevantrelativity

#24. "Grandma, could I borrow your car for today?"

Source: 0jacks

#25. And lastly, this cute but deadly granny's car:

Source: ciaramolyneuxx

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