17 Most Wholesome Cases Of Vandalism Ever Caught On Camera

Vandalism is a philosophical approach that supports the constant questioning and criticism of all ideas in search of concepts that can be adopted for future use when questioning and criticising ideas.
Vandalism is focused on any and all ideas that can be adapted for use within philosophy. The analogy is that of raiders such as the ancient Vandals who sacked Rome and plundered its treasures. Vandalism entails a lack of respect for any philosophical tradition or system. No sacred cows are left unslaughtered. It could be seen as an equivalent to absurdism that mocks our pretence at knowledge, instead finding enjoyment in stripping away the temples of Rome.
Vandalism has no specific form or fixed arguments and in and of itself says nothing about epistemology or ethics or other areas of philosophy. It makes no claims about how people should think or what ideas people should adopt. Instead it is more of a metaphilosophical concept.
Anarchy that is both wonderfully courteous and inventive. That aptly sums up the incredibly clever r/MildlyVandalised subreddit. Since 2015, a thriving online community with around 380k members has been brightening our days with images of clever and artistic "light vandalism."
These small-scale public-sphere initiatives straddle the line between mild humor, vandalism, and street art. Take a look at some of the best images below.

#1 Dog Waste Bin In Britain This Morning

Source: Make_the_music_stop

#2 Awesome Find In Durham


#3 Believe!!!!

Source: FriendshipElegant401





#6 This Little Piggy

Source: jennypentland

#7 I Found This Gem Somewhere In Hartford, Cn Last Week

Source: Buuuuuus

#8 Result!

Source: Major_Lee_Garsol

#9   No Signs Were Posted

Source: No-Suggestion-9482

#10 A Tribute To Bruce Wills Found In My Office Area

Source: Skud_N

#11 My Sponge Is Shy

Source: Reandr12

#12 Uno Reverse Card On Mild Vandalism

Source: lootheman











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