30 Times People Spotted ‘Absolute Units’ And Couldn't Resist Sharing Online

Apparently, the online universe is quite more fascinated by tiny and cute little things than some heavy huge stuff. Just compare the number of posts about small animals and really, really big ones that show up on your newsfeed and you will get what we are talking about. Just in case things that are extraordinarily out of proportion to their surroundings don't get enough attention they deserve, someone created a beloved corner on Reddit known as "Lads that you’re in awe at the size of". This online community is dedicated to sharing a wide range of adorable and unexpected images where animals and items cannot even be compared to one another.
We have rounded up 30 of the funniest "absolute units" things you won’t believe there is a chance they exist. Check them out now!

#1. Recipe: use two cloves of garlic

Absolute UnitsSource: monyeeart

#2. The head size difference between a man and a cane corso

Absolute UnitsSource: jokerlovesharleen

#3. A Caleb Cluster of grapes

Absolute UnitsSource: Chonkbird

#4. This cat

Source: gunnergio14

#5. This carrot

Absolute UnitsSource: atkinsoncjedi

#6. 6'9" compared to 5'1"

Source: stimulatingsenator

#7. 7'9" Sun Ming Ming vs The Rock

Absolute UnitsSource: faroll2

#8. This Elephant Ears plant at a plant store

Absolute UnitsSource: jargo1

#9. Big lettuce

Absolute UnitsSource: g4mert0p

#10. The size of the original Big Mac

Source: Mr-Fahrenheit_451

#11. A Vietnamese guy with his African Bullfrogs

Absolute UnitsSource: eddiecool123

#12. This cucumber mistaken for a watermelon

Absolute UnitsSource: me2pikzr

#13. "I think we found the cure to world hunger!"

Absolute UnitsSource: Ukherewegrow

#14. Felt like this was a unit of a water lily

Source: promptlyHollow

#15. 7'2" man in an economy seat

Absolute UnitsSource: pegi3

#16. Double King

Absolute UnitsSource: Kosmosnoetos

#17. Volleyball Player Hannah Donaldson

Source: Powerbear2021

#18. "Does this belong here? Lemon from my parents' lemon tree"

Absolute UnitsSource: amelia_egghart217

#19. "Mushroom my dad found in the forest"

Source: Kagia001

#20. Absolute Oreo

Absolute UnitsSource: lemonkitty

#21. "Here is Hogarth my absolute unit of a snail"

Source: Clokkers

#22. "This straaaaaawberry I saw in the store"

Source: Darry__Lavid

#23. "This absolute unit of a wrench I used"

Source: Darry__Lavid

#24. "I for once welcome our mutant carrot overlords"

Absolute UnitsSource: Idontlikejokes

#25. This massive owl

Absolute UnitsSource: Congodreadin

#26. Absolute unit of a sweet potato

Source: reddit

#27. "He doesn't need a kiss to turn into a prince, he already is one"

Absolute UnitsSource: taozee3

#28. Chonker of a banana

Source: quackingrobot

#29. Absolute Unit of a Spider

Source: iMangeshSN

#30. This gargantuan cold boi

Absolute UnitsSource: alagiglia

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