7 Famous Women Who Rock Their Body Flaws

It is true that in millions of people, you couldn’t find one person who is perfectly content with the way they look. Many people around the world are struggling with body image issues. It is often a supposed flaw that transforms into another once they’ve managed to “correct” the first one. celebrities are no exception and fortunately, many of them have come forward to open up about their co-called body flaws.
Jessica Simpson is a case in point. She was unafraid to show the world her leg hair and swollen pregnancy feet. Kim’s sisters are worth mentioning. While Kim Kardashian continues to be transparent about her struggles with psoriasis, Kendall Jenner didn’t conceal her acne.
Below are female celebs who aren’t ashamed of their co-called body imperfections. Click here and here to see more.

#1 Emilia Clarke

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The “Game of Thrones” star doesn’t care about Hollywood standards of beauty. Many people say she is a little overweight, but this doesn’t make her less attractive.

#2 Gisele Bündchen

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The ex-angle of Victoria’s Secret is one of the highest-paid models in the world. Despite this, she is not perfect. She has a waistline which is extremely important for an underwear model. However, this little flaw can be hidden by the right clothes.

#3 Chloë Grace Moretz

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The actress’ body image issues are heavy shoulders and a short neck. Her flaws are clear when she wears ill-fitting clothing. So all she needs is a good stylist.

#4 Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian successfully turns her disadvantages into her biggest advantage. Today, many women desire to have heavy hips and big buttocks.

#5 Uma Thurman

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The talented actress owns really big feet but she seemingly has no problems with this. She often wears shoes with no heels when attending events.

#6 Leighton Meester

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The Gossip Girls star doesn’t really care about her legs and she is confident to wear the dresses she likes. This is how she shows that she accepts the body she has.

#7 Rebel Wilson

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Actress, scriptwriter and producer Rebel Wilson proves that it doesn’t matter how you look if you’re talented. Forbes called her the most perspective actress in Hollywood.
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