25 Pictures That Prove "Kids Are F*cking Stupid"

Kids are cute and mischievous. And kids are also stupid as well because they know literally nothing. You can easily find the proof for this in the r/KidsAreF*ckingStupid subreddit. For those who don't know this online community, let us introduce a little bit. This group is dedicated to sharing pictures, videos and tweets that prove how dumb kids can be. Some of those are really really funny. And it would be a pity if we didn't share them with you guys.
As a result, we have compiled a list of the funniest photos that prove "Kids are f*cking stupid" for you. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out right now. We are sure that these amusing pictures will have you laughing unstoppably. And you will agree with us that kids are so dumb.

#1. If you wonder what coronavirus tastes like, ask this girl

Source: imaginexus

#2. Keep your toddler busy by letting them paint the fence with water

Source: talynmitchell23

#3. Wow

Source: Phoneguy615

#4. I feel for this kid

Source: Blaz9

#5. I used to turtle up when I was really mad

Source: Seealpp

#6. Kid wanted a pickaxe shaped cookie from Minecraft...

Source: CatsAreYe

#7. That time I figured out how to take the lid off of the vent, and proceeded to get stuck in it

Source: yatenate

#8. Another hard example of why physics matters!!!

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#9. After I told my little brother (9) to stop throwing his controller... 5 minutes later I hear a bang and I see him crying and the tv looking like this

Source: Bigestboi142

#10. Someone ate all his muffins

Source: IrfanMirza

#11. Mmmm Chocouch

Source: rastroboy

#12. Skin care routine

Source: EduarDudz

#13. The perfect spot

Source: bloodymaryscunt

#14. I don't mind if you don't mind

Source: divineblessings4me

#15. I'm thankful for...

Kids Are StupidSource: f*ck-your-name-rules

#16. Trade schools are good

Kids Are StupidSource: Thin_Arachnid6217

#17. Little dude got himself stuck. (I informed the mother that her kid is stuck outside of the window, he is fine now)

Kids Are StupidSource: Parth_Sidhdhapara

#18. My sister asked her 10yo to hang his jacket

Kids Are StupidSource: Grx

#19. My kid drew this picture of me

Kids Are StupidSource: ieure

#20. Mom must be happy when she finds out that I love reading so much

Kids Are StupidSource: toaruScar

#21. Why…

Kids Are StupidSource: MrCaT42

#22. Parental reflexes

Kids Are StupidSource: Irrelevant_Turnip

#23. That time when I was 7 & my friend told me that spray paint cans were indestructible

Kids Are StupidSource: nthensome

#24. My son after trying to get back down from washing his hands. Just hanging there...helpless...

Kids Are StupidSource: fiteMILK

#25. She's gonna invent the hairstyle of 2030

Kids Are StupidSource: peachpeachx

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