Top 16 "You Had Only One Job" Fails That Will Surely Make Your Day

Since neither of us are flawless, occasionally making tiny errors is perfectly acceptable as long as you learn from them. But not everybody appears to agree with that. Some people prefer to adopt a "that'll do 'er" kind of attitude rather than owning up to their mistakes, which frequently leads to some very humorous results.
It's really hilarious to see pictures of people who just had one job and still managed to fail it badly shared by users of the r/OneJob subreddit. Check out the funniest "you had one job" blunders in the collection below, which range from bad misspellings to awful designs!

#1  Yes. Effort Definitely Involves No Effort

Source: SombreSilver

#2 Odd Placement For That Particular Sign

Source: InCaRnAt3

#3 The Last Batch Of Spanish Passports Have "PAO" Written As "PA0" And People Cannot Get On Planes Because Of It

Source: MarxFuryRoad

#4 Lmaoo What Is This

Source: joepohlen

#5 Julian Are You Ok?

Source: howardkinsd

#6 I Don’t Know, That Wall Might Be Up To Something

Source: EliotJC533

#7 Have A Happy Tuesday

Source: Major-Frame9571

#8  Drawing A Baby

Source: leahmarilla

#9 Looks Good From My House!

Source: Tricky_Camel

#10 Photoshoping Can Be Hard

Source: LeapofAzzam

#11 New Bathroom At Work


#12 I'm Not Sure How To Get Passed The 1st Page Of This Survey

Source: switchblade_80

#13 Something Tells Me A Floating Home Actually Needs To Float

Source: ParadeSit

#14 Designed The Restaurant Menus, Boss

Source: nochancess

#15 To Paint A Sign

Source: Flapu7

#16 An Apartment Installed New Siding And Choked Their AC Unit By Enclosing It

Source: Sorry_Sorry_Im_Sorry

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