25 Cracking-Up Examples Of Disasters Caused By Incorrect Spacing Between Words

We usually hear girlfriends and boyfriends say they need space. Yes, everything works better with suitable spacing between them. So do letters and words. Space is a void with an invisible power we have better respect because anything messing with that space( whether expanding or shrinking it) will cause baffling mistakes. These malfunctions are not what designers and clients hope to see.
Henceforth, designers learn about kerning to perfect their works. If you google the word 'kerning', you will see it is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. Proper kerning prevents sentences from being torched into hilariously disastrously different meanings.
When the spacing bar on the keyboard fails its only job, we wait for stuff to crack our funny bones up like this compilation below. Let's see how improper kerning makes you laugh while rolling on the floor!

#1. Are you sure you'd like to eat here?

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#2. Breakfast Butz. Start Your Day Off With A Kick In The Behind (by An Eagle)

Source: Kerncerned

#3. The Worst Kind Of Clearance

Source: buro9

#4. Ellie Goulding's Hottest Song

Source: IndySaha

#5. Worst Tart Ever

Source: Bunuvasitch

#6. Space Bar, You Had One Job

Source: unknown

#7. Either way, it sounds weird

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#8. Think That's What You Call A Typography Fail

Source: startimeash

#9. For Those Who Need   Go Beyond Justice Cream Alone

Source: mwbacal

#10. Let's Gro W Toget Her

Source: Kerncerned

#11. So, Baby C are Chinese

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#12. Dr. Slick, please use another font!

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#13. That Owl Lil is Superb

Source: @KarleeKanz

#14. Wouldn't go there

Source: Kerncerned

#15. Best license plate ever.

Source: @ShelbyWhite


Source: @JasonTselentis

#17. Artists on the making should reconsider their application to this faculty

Source: Kerncerned

#18. With Pleas Ant

Source: Kerncerned

#19. Don ate what?

Source: balanceilimp

#20. One without hair, please!

Source: IAmChrisGreenII

#21. Doesn't sound appealing

Source: u/borealhauntings

#22. Tuck or Treat?

Source: @onmytiptoes

#23. RAMP OPERATIONS, you pay your designer to do this?

Source: Kerncerned

#24. Who would want a hot tie?

Source: Kerncerned

#25. Should buy these Upsticks anyway

Source: Kerncerned

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