Top Newest 10 Incredible On-Screen Transformations Of Hollywood Stars

Appearance modification is an absolute part of acting. Actors need to change their looks to incarnate their roles at the best level. In movie and TV show history, we have seen plenty of staggering transfigurations done by numerous talented and hardworking makeup artists and crew members. Of course, we can never exclude the actors' dedication because they endured these exhausting remodeling procedures.
By relying on makeup and prosthetics, Hollywood stars confidently portray their characters written with specific different facial and body details. For your information, the reshaping process takes several hours to finish. Plus, the removing phase isn't easy. Furthermore, acting with lots of prosthetics and costumes may lead to dehydration, overheating, exhaustion, and other health problems.
This October, we are happy to look back and acknowledge the diligence of passionate actors and BTS workers in 2022 and 2021. Here are the top ten newest extreme character transformations. Check them out right away!

#1. Colin Farrell - Oswald Cobblepot (The Batman 2022)

Source: Getty Images; Warner Bros.

The Irish actor, 45, was visually transformed by makeup artist Mike Marino, wearing his shocking, full-on prosthetics and costume. “It took about six or eight hours. It was a team of 10 or 15 people. And it was really fun.”, he said.

#2. Renee Zellweger - Pam Hupp (The Thing About Pam 2022)

Source: Getty Images; NBC

She transformed into the killer for the NBC true crime series. The Bridget Jones's Diary star revealed she was initially spending four hours being transformed, but towards the end of filming it only took two hours. Arian, who built prosthetics and fat suits and applied them every day, created them by hand and painted them down to the last freckle.

#3. Bradley Cooper - Leonard Bernstein (Maestro 2022)


The actor looks unrecognizable thanks to the help of makeup to make him appear significantly older. Cooper, who is also directing the project, also appeared to have slightly darker skin in the images, while one feature that stood out was the prosthetic nose he was pictured sporting in a bid to further resemble Bernstein.

#4. Daniel Radcliffe - Yankovic (Weird: The Al Yankovic 2022)

On-Screen Transformations Of Hollywood StarsSource: Getty Images; The Roku Channel

Daniel is seen sporting Weird Al's signature look, complete with a curly wig, thick mustache, big glasses, and his infamous Hawaiian shirts. The Harry Potter actor grows his own thick mustache for this surprising role.

#5. Emmy Rossum - Angelyne (Peacock 2022)

On-Screen Transformations Of Hollywood StarsSource: Getty Images; Peacock

The transformation, which Rossum has described as both terrifying and liberating, was thanks to a combination of wigs, bodysuits, lenses, and a breastplate. It took a full makeup and prosthetic team 11.5 hours to transform Rossum into character for the first time but with some alterations managed to cut the time down to seven hours.

#6. Mila Kunis - Molly Wheeler (Four Good Days 2021)

Source: Getty Images; Vertical Entertainment

The actress spent four months losing weight. She weighed around 100 pounds since she was about to portray an opioid-addicted woman. Besides, she had to bleach her hair to look blonde. Kunis looks unrecognizable with sunken eyes, pale skin, and bruises on her face.

#7. Sean Penn - John Mitchell (Gaslit 2022)

On-Screen Transformations Of Hollywood StarsSource: Getty Images; Starz

Prosthetic make-up and hair designer Kazu Hiro began his process with a 3D scan of Penn’s head. After using historical photos of Mitchell to mark the differences between their faces, Hiro created a full prosthetic face that included cheek and nose pieces made of platinum silicone, along with a balding head for Penn. The transformation took about two-and-a-half hours each day and included a full-body suit to change Penn’s frame.

#8. Jared Leto - Paolo Gucci (House of Gucci 2021)

Source: Getty Images; Universal Pictures

Leto spent six hours a day to physically appear as close as possible to Paolo Gucci with prosthetics designer Goran Lundstrom who initially worked off a 3D scan without having ever met Leto. Lundstrom and his team then created a three-piece bald cap that managed to cover Leto’s long hair, as well as facial prosthetics and a fat suit.

#9. Jessica Chastain -Tammy Faye Bakker (The Eyes of Tammy Faye 2021)

On-Screen Transformations Of Hollywood StarsSource: Getty Images; Searchlight Pictures

Chastain committed to sitting for one to two hours a day to change her more angular face to appear fuller. Cheek appliances were used to widen her face and a prosthetic was used to cover the dimple in her chin. Chastain’s performance of Bakker won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

#10. Pierce Brosnan - Artie Crawford (The Last Rifleman 2023)

On-Screen Transformations Of Hollywood StarsSource: Getty Images; Twitter

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan (69 years old) looks unrecognizable in photos shared online from the set of his new film The Last Rifleman. Thanks to facial prosthetics, a bodysuit, and make-up, he has been completely transformed into Second World War veteran 89-year-old Artie Crawford.
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