13 Details From Cult Films That We Kept Missing For Years

With billions of dollars being spent on films, it’s hard to watch an epic action, fantasy, or science fiction movie just once. For the audiences, hidden details are something cool and fascinating to discover, even the most devoted cinema aficionados succumb to the enduring power of details waiting to be uncovered.
Some eagle-eyed fans take infinite patience, add hours of rewatching, and of course, mix in some much-needed luck to spot an Easter egg. Movie creators add hidden details in the movies to make the audience’s watching experience more interesting.
We've rounded up 13 curious details from cult films that have been hiding right in front of our eyes all this time. Click here, here, and here to see more.

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

Source: © Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl / Walt Disney Pictures

Johnny Depp who played Jack Sparrow lost many rubber hats because he threw them overboard. After that, the costume designer started to use rubber hats so that they wouldn’t sink but stay afloat.

#2 Casino Royale

Source: © Casino Royale / Columbia Pictures

Remember that Le Chiffre touches his temples with his fingers when trying to baffle his opponents. Later, Vesper Lynd repeats the same gesture when she lies to Bond about Chiffre siding with the Americans.

#3 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Source: © The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / Walt Disney Pictures

As the power of Jadis, the White Witch weakens, her ice crown melts and reduces in size.

#4 Knives Out

Source: © Knives Out / Lionsgate

It seems that Ransom always appears with a white wool sweater throughout the flick. Maybe it’s because he’s the main villain, he’s referred to as the black sheep of the family, which contrasts with the white one.

#5 John Wick

Source: © John Wick / Lionsgate

The first scene takes place on the waterfront, where is chosen to shoot the last one.

#6 Rampage

Source: © Rampage / Warner Bros

We can notice that Dwayne Johnson’s character often signs his name, “Davis”. It’s a sign of “rock” in American Sign Language (ASL), which is the actor’s real nickname in real life.

#7 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Source: © Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner Bros.

Rewatching the scene, we can notice that Cormac McLaggen, the only one among Gryffindor's fans doesn't applaud Ron Weasley. It turns out that he had lost his place as a player in the Quidditch qualifiers.

#8 Léon: The Professional

Source: © Léon: The Professional / Gaumont

The lead character had a type of plant, called aglaonema. He mentions that the similarity between him and this plant is no roots.  At the end of the movie, Mathilda decides to plant it near the school so that it can roots. However, the plant is thermophilic and cannot survive in winter so his action will kill it.

#9 Deadpool 2

Source: © Deadpool 2 / Twentieth Century Fox© taylorswift taylorswift / Instagram

Do you notice the image of 2 cats with the text “Olivia and Meredith, Friends Furrrever” on the main character’s T-shirt? In fact, these cats belong to the famous singer, Taylor Swift.

#10 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Source: © The Curious Case of Benjamin Button / Paramount Pictures

There is no information on Mrs. Maple’s gravestone because, before that, Benjamin said that he couldn’t recall her exact name as well as other information about her.

#11 The Princess Diaries

Source: © The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures

In the dinner scene, Mia is the only guest, served stuffed tomato instead of meat. According to the book, the character is a vegetarian.

#12 Joker

Source: © Joker / Warner Bros.

Arthur Fleck is actually a dedicated actor. When rehearsing the interview at home, the actor even arranges his sitting room to resemble the scene where Murray Franklin’s show is shot as much as possible.

#13 Kingsman: The Secret Service

Source: © Kingsman: The Secret Service / 20th Century Fox

In an episode of the movie, there is a yellow submarine among the means of transportation. It’s the very submarine that The Beatles sang about.
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