18 Perfectly Timed Pictures That'll Play Tricks On You

This world is wonderful. And it never ceases to amaze us. From enigmatic planets that haven't been discovered yet to puzzling events that still haven't received an explanation, there are many other things that make us keep questioning "What?" and "Why?". Furthermore, you definitely stumble upon something that is so confusing that you can't believe your eyes any longer. These perfectly timed pictures are examples of that.

People around the world are sharing the most perfectly timed pictures they ever captured when things happened at the right place and at the right moment. All of those pics are insanely hilarious and will cause you to be thirsty for more. Therefore, if you want more perfectly timed pictures, you can visit our previous posts here and here. And now, scroll down to check out the collection below and enjoy. If you find this list funny, share it with your friends and family to brighten their days.

#1. Everyone calm down

Source: imgur

#2. A flower

Source: clinic.prozrenie

#3. Somewhere in there, there's a tower


#4. Bumblebee carrying the sun

Source: mike_pants

#5. What a lovely picture!


#6. Timing is everything

Source: imgur

#7. Took my kid to see the baby zebra

Source: Hi_im_awkward2

#8. a water balloon popping but still holding perfect shape

Source: josh_dog_1

#9. Went to our local cinema on Sunday and took a photo of the screen to show some friends. This random lady now has superman's laser vision

Source: PoppysDaddy2017

#10. Fruit bats hanging upside down look like a 90s boy band

Source: imgur

#11. Jump into the sky

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource:

#12. In the firing line

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: WheremypeepsAt

#13. One body, 2 faces

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: imgur

#14. Fainting guard

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: KevlarYarmulke

#15. When nobody watches

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: reddit

#16. Unexpected bird

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: Balloon_911

#17. Dog on a beach

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: TheGingerHarris

#18. Sharp teeth boy

Perfectly Timed PicturesSource: maraa5

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