16 Heartbreaking Scenes That People Sobbed Out Loud At The Theater

It can be said that films are the most powerful means of empathy and understanding. It can be a funny film that makes you happy and laughs or a fantastical one that gives you a sense of suspense and curiosity. Or there are sad moments that you get caught up in and start crying uncontrollably.
A 2016 study published in Royal Society Open Science suggests that watching an “emotionally arousing” movie leads to an increased sense of group bonding and an increased pain threshold. Back in 2012, many researchers suggested that watching sad movies ultimately actually filled us with nostalgia. They make us reconsider our close relationships, which in turn increases serotonin.
Whether you cry out of sadness or out of joy, those moments take us away and touch the deepest parts of your emotions. Each teaches us lessons and adds up to more unforgettable moments in our memory. Let's take a journey through a number of memorable moments that make you want to grab the tissues immediately.

#1 Edward Scissorhands (1990): The Dance Scene

Source: Edward Scissorhands

This is the most beautiful scene between Kim and Edward. He watches Kim dance, and after that, they embrace, which makes for a really sweet moment in the movie. Both actors performed perfectly.

#2 Coco (2017): The Song Scene

Source: Coco

Even though this scene stands out, the whole movie is impeccable. Coco begins to recall her father and begins to tell stories about him while Miguel sings to her. This scene really touches everyone's heart!

#3 Avengers: Endgame (2019): Peter Meets Tony

Source: Avengers: Endgame

Tony and the audience were heartbroken when it was revealed that Peter had died along with half of all life in the cosmos. However, when Hulk finally brought back everyone, Peter and Tony were reunited on the battlefield. This scene really filled everyone with joy but we all cried a little when we saw them together like this.

#4 Boys on the Side (1995): The Singing Scene

Source: Boys On The Side

When Whoopi sings "You Got It" at the end of the movie, this moment just pierces through your heart. Everything around this scene is meant to make you weep. Simple perfection.

#5 Up (2009): The Adventure Book Scene

Source: Up

Pixar's "Up" is an emotional rollercoaster. If you are emotionally weak, then this movie will take you on a straight spiral. However, the scene where Carl flips through the scrapbook Ellie made for him remains rent-free in the mind of the viewers. This is the moment it is revealed that Ellie wished for Carl to embark on a journey.

#6 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982): Flying Scene

Source: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Sometimes it's the background that does the magic and leaves the audience impressed on the spot. And John William's background soundtrack for this sequence in E.T. worked wonders and made this moment one of its kind.

#7 Cinema Paradiso (1988): The Film Scene

Source: Cinema Paradiso

Salvatore's teary eyes and Ennio Morricone's music made for a truly tragic scene. After Alfredo’s death, Salvatore watched the reel and reminded of Alfredo, the forbidden kisses, and his deceased love Elena. So, if you're watching this movie, prepare tissues because this scene will make you cry your heart out.

#8 Dead Poets Society (1989): The Ending Scene

Source: Dead Poets Society

This one scene will give you the urge to stand up on a desk to tell someone how much you love them. And if you're a fan of Robin Williams, this scene will make you feel different as you will cry, laugh and feel proud at the same time. An great ending to a fantastic film. However, it's surprising how few people seem to have problems with the ending even when it's so good.

#9 Love, Simon (2018): The Coming Out Scene

Source: Love, Simon

This created for a stunning scene and was a pivotal moment in the film. Parents of LGBT teenagers don't truly support them in this regard. However, this movie showed a positive side that showed the parents to have a more supportive behavior towards their children. Because you will always be yourself.

#10 When Harry Met Sally… (1989): The Confession Scene

Source: When Harry Met Sully

New years eve is the perfect time for a romantic moment and this is exactly what we saw in When Harry Met Sally. Harry tells her that he truly loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Simply mesmerizing.

#11 Love Actually (2003): The Airport Scene

Source: Love Actually

 When Sam says goodbye to Joanna at the airport, she gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then Sam turned to his stepfather with a grin. This scene is accompanied by music clattering as he rushes into his arms. This is a great moment that sticks in your head without a doubt.

#12 Beauty and the Beast (1991): Ballroom Dance

Source: Beauty and the Beast

The movie was clearly way ahead of its time because it’s still attracted many generations of fans. One of the many reasons for that is the ballroom dance scene which fills the heart of the audience with complete joy.

#13 Little Miss Sunshine (2006): The Competition Scene

Source: Little Miss Sunshine

This scene really proves that no matter what, your family will always support you. Everyone took to the stage to support Olive, which shows the love within the family. Although they know they will return to old problems when this time is over, they don't think about it. All in the name of Olive.

#14 Crazy Rich Asians (2018): Proposal

Source: Crazy Rich Asians

On the plane, Rachel accepted Nick's proposal, which was a lovely sight. What, however, made it a fantastic scene? It was Rachel's mother in the background, approving of Rachel and Nick's engagement with the greatest smile ever from a complete stranger. It's the ideal scene since they are both grinning and crying at the same time.

#15 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993): The Return Scene

Source: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Even if you're not a dog lover, this scene will have you jumping for joy and in tears. Sassy, ​​Chance and Shadow all return home safely and Chance realizes he has a home for life. Seeing everyone overwhelmed with happiness just seems to get us every time.

#16 The Shawshank Redemption (1994): The Reunion Scene

Source: The Shawshank Redemption

Though the movie has a strong sense of injustice throughout and also shows how the system fails its people, its ending perfectly folds the movie on a good note which warms our hearts. The reunion of Ed and Andy is exhilarating, and Freeman's narration just makes it better.
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