8 Super Rich Celebrities Who Had A Poor Sense Of Fashion

Common threads can be seen in the clothes of CEOs, actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, and other people who consistently achieve great results. They don't all dress the same because they frequent the same "successful person" store. It's because there's empirical research suggesting that changing how you dress can boost productivity. Most successful people don't have much time to spend on their daily wardrobe.

They have a lot of things to do, and if they spent time worrying about what color shirt to wear, they'd fall behind. If you want to know what high-achieving people repeatedly wear, keep scrolling.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

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The Facebook founder's go-to uniform is a simple gray t-shirt and dark pants. It's not that he has no appreciation for clothing; rather, there are more pressing concerns in his life. Because he needed to devote more time to other matters, he stripped down his wardrobe. In his day-to-day activities, he prefers to avoid having to make any choices that aren't necessary.

2. John Paul DeJoria

Super Rich Celebrities, John Paul DeJoria, poor rich super rich, rich people dressing poorSource: Getty Images

This self-made multibillionaire never deviates from his uniform of all black. While the specifics of what he wears may vary, you can always bank on his black wardrobe. His predilection for an all-black wardrobe is more a matter of convenience than anything else; it serves as a kind of uniform that motivates him to get things done. Instead of focusing on his wardrobe, he would rather devote his time to his family and his business.

3. Steve Jobs

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Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was the master of the capsule wardrobe. Jobs wore the same plain clothes whether he was giving a speech, attending a meeting, or relaxing at home. Gray and black were the predominant tones in his wardrobe. His trademark became synonymous with the black turtleneck he wore. Because he was so busy operating his extremely successful IT company, he relied on his capsule wardrobe to help him quickly and easily through each day.

4. Albert Einstein

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It's not surprising that Albert Einstein didn't put much thought into his wardrobe. Einstein, who possessed one of the century's most original minds, had to pare down his outfit to free up mental bandwidth. He required his whole mental capacity for his profession and did not want to waste time thinking about trivial matters like what to wear.

5. John Tierney

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The author of the New York Times bestseller "Willpower" is a household name. The theory behind the capsule wardrobe and achievement in general is discussed in this book. In his book, he talks about the perils of choice fatigue and how he overcame it by streamlining his clothing.

6. Barack Obama

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This former US president is famous for his refined taste in suits. No matter what he's doing, he always wears the same suit. Obama simplifies his wardrobe for maximum impact, whether he's going to a meeting, playing golf, or giving a speech in front of a global audience.

7. Bill Gates

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Bill Gates has a lot on his plate as the CEO of one of the most successful technology companies in history, so he probably doesn't put much thought into what he wears. As a matter of policy, he always wore his go-to casual outfit of jeans, sneakers, and a sweater. The less he had to think about his clothing, the more productive he could be.

8. Tom Ford

Super Rich Celebrities, Tom FordSource: Getty Images

This business mogul is famous for always looking dapper in a suit. Because he wears the same suits so frequently, we now consider them to be his uniform. His go-to outfit is a classic black suit with a white shirt underneath. His wardrobe isn't particularly exciting, but it has a timeless quality. The sophisticated air it exudes remains consistent no matter how often he dons it.
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