No Talent, No Problem: These Stars Are Famous For Doing Nothing At All

In the past, only actors or musicians who worked their way up the fame ladder could claim the title of "celebrity." However, nowadays, this title has been used in a somewhat easy way. It is given to anyone who can attract enough attention online or appear on a reality TV show. They no longer need talent, knowledge, and effort to be a "celebrity." Therefore, this title is almost no real value any longer and is no longer a seemingly unattainable thing. Thankfully, some still qualify as celebrities, but regrettably, those on this list aren't among them.
These celebrities,below became famous by accident. Fame bumped into them, and they had no option but to accept them. After gaining fame, many of these people have managed to worm their way into the lives of real celebrities. Sometimes they pretend to be actors or musicians, but then nothing.
From Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton, here are some famous people who rose to fame by nothing.

#1 Kim Kardashian

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The most famous of all those who become famous for nothing is Kim Kardashian. By the way, none of the Kardashian sisters are celebrities for anything. Kim K is known for a leaked sex tape and for dating and marrying famous guys including Kanye West. Yeah, in fact, the Kardashian sisters take part in the reality television series "Keeping with the Kardashians" - a show famous for nothing.

#2 Farrah Abraham

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What did Farrah do to achieve fame? She was pregnant at age 16. Yes, that was basically it. She appeared on TV because she had a daughter when she was a minor and she was famous. To cement her fame, she released a sex tape! She was also on "Celebrity Big Brother".

#3 Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton was born into a wealthy family and wanted to pursue modeling. But like most people on this list, she became famous because of a sex tape. She is rich and had a sex video released just before the premiere of her TV show, there was nothing that could stop Paris from being famous for nothing.

#4 Amber Rose

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Originally, she appeared in music videos for which she had no business. As soon as she finds out it's all blanks, she's dating Kanye, who has a knack for making women famous just for dating him. Then, from 2013 to 2016, she went on to the next stage by becoming well-known as Wiz Khalifah's wife.

#5 Bristol Palin

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Bristol Palin is known for becoming pregnant at the age of 18 when her mother, Sarah Palin, was contesting for vice president of the United States. After becoming the center of attention because of pregnancy, following the natural instincts of all celebrities for nothing, she made her way into reality shows.

#6 Kevin Federline

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Federline was very smart to realize dancing would hardly make one famous. So he decided to steal the show, by marrying Britney Spears after abandoning his pregnant fiancée. Despite the fact that he became renowned for no reason, he tried to make a name for himself by dabbling in reality programs, music, and everything else that came along, all of which failed.

#7 Tila Tequila

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Another famous celebrity for nothing is Tequila. One thing that makes it difficult to explain how she became so well-known except that she has a large social media following and later made a magazine cover. Tequila became famous for her nude images. Although she plunged into other pursuits, they hardly contributed to the person she is today.

#8 The Duggar Family

Source: 19 Kids and Counting

To be fair, this family didn’t exactly rise to fame doing nothing. Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle became well-known for giving birth to kids like cheap bottles of wine. The family was brought into the spotlight by a photo of them—which at the time had 13 children. As soon as the family caught the attention of the media, the reality TV "19 Kids and Counting" (formerly "17 Kids and Counting" and "18 Kids and Counting") emerged as an easy path for them to stardom. Then came books and more reality television.
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