24 Seriously Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan

Japan is such a unique country for a lot of reasons. From futuristic toilets to lightning-fast bullet trains, this land has the most uncommon and unexpected creations awaiting us on every street corner. Plus, Japan is well-known for its very own distinct culture. This distinctness helps Japan stand out even more from the rest of the world and turns it into a very desirable destination for people to visit.
But at times, being so different from other places in the world means that Japan comes off as a “weird” country. For some, these different things make Japan appear to be a country from another planet. However, for others, it simply makes visiting Japan more appealing. So prepare to raise an eyebrow, or two, as we list the 24 seriously weird things that only exist in Japan. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1. These 2-step-wide houses that you can find everywhere in Tokyo:

Only Exist In JapanSource: Unknown

#2. The fire escape is a slide.

Source: manlyflower

#3. A standard business meeting that only exist in Japan:

Only Exist In JapanSource: TheGreatMattsby

#4. This footwear choice is pretty... common in Japan.

Source: Unknown

#5. Well, this is turn out to be photoshopped. But the idea is real, LOL.

Only Exist In JapanSource: miraheze

#6. This smartphone wiper dispenser.

Only Exist In JapanSource: Luwast

#7. The elevators in this Osaka office building have an umbrella sign that lights up if it's raining outside

Source: schmistopher

#8. Can you guess what this is for?

Source: Quora

This is a gadget to train to lift the mouth corners and make the smile more symmetrical.

#9. These fitting room instructions in japan. Cover your face to prevent makeup from getting on the garment.

Source: Sad_Weeaboo_In_Japan

#10. Lap pillow for the lonely souls:

Only Exist In JapanSource: lolwot

#11. Foxes wait in line to drink water.

Source: LittlePrayer

#12. In Japan, they sell square watermelons to fit better in the refrigerator

Source: RazerJoe

#13. Construction worker jackets that have air-conditioners.

Source: schmistopher

#14. Toothpicks at a mall had mint-coated tips.

Source: Reddit

#15. And you can always draw more hair if you want to.

Source: Unknown

#16. There is a special button in some taxis that asks the driver to go slower.

Source: petro26

#17. Japan’s highest bridge’s height is compared to Godzilla

Source: notneededjunk

#18. The check-out counters in some bakeries can recognize items automatically and add up the total cost of the order.

Source: Pikabu

#19. So apparently there are Capybara spas in Japan:

Source: Jhenning04

#20. You can find parking lots and Ferris wheels on the roofs of buildings.

Only Exist In JapanSource: uzniko

#21. The public toilets have transparent walls. But they become matte when someone is inside.

Only Exist In JapanSource: Youtube

#22. The seat pattern on the train tells you where priority seating is:

Only Exist In JapanSource: zombiepiemaster

#23. The Waste Plant has a diner where people can watch trash being processed:

Only Exist In JapanSource: dimailer

#24. Lastly, this is how they have enough time for everything!

Only Exist In JapanSource: Unknown

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