9 Celebrities With Bad Breath That Will Make You Feel Like Throwing Up

Have you ever talked to someone and wished you could turn away because their breath was so bad? Bad breath may be devastating. People who smoke, drink a lot of coffee, and don't brush their teeth regularly are said to have poor breath. And when it comes to relationships, bad breath can be a huge obstacle. It's also weird how some people are more likely to have terrible breath than others. So when you're facing someone with bad breath, you definitely suffer for it. You're not sure whether to turn away or directly into the path of the foul breath. It can be an awkward and unpleasant scenario.
Celebrities are often held in high regard, but they, too, can face the consequences of poor breath. You'd assume that those with famously awful breath would use a breath mint or brush their teeth more frequently. However, some of them are unaware that their breath is really terrible, and others simply do not care. Worse, there are usually a large number of people who work for and around celebrities. They are make-up artists, assistants, wardrobe staff, and fellow, all of whom must suffer hours of foul breath. It can definitely be a difficult task.
Here are 9 celebrities who have terrible breaths. Let’s check it out!

#1 Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie may be one of the most gorgeous ladies in Hollywood, but her breath is dazzling. Her ex-husband Brad Pitt once gave her breath mints as a Valentine's Day gift. According to a source close to the couple, the gift was an inside joke, as Brad Pitt frequently teased Jolie about having bad breath.

#2 Ben Affleck

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Forget about Kryptonite! According to rumors, Ben Affleck just needed to open his mouth and breathe on Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to deliver the deadly blow. The story about Affleck's halitosis issues has been around for years, dating back to Forces of Nature co-star Sandra Bullock. Bullock, according to The Telegraph, complained about the leading man's terrible breath.
According to a Fox News report, many female co-stars have complained about Affleck's bad breath over the years.

#3 Britney Spears

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Britney Spears' terrible breath rumors, unfortunately, may be linked to harmful fad dieting. According to PopCrush, Spears took a strict diet to ensure she was camera-ready during her time as an X-Factor judge. How extreme is it, you ask? Try only 600 calories each day! Consuming less than 1,000 calories regularly is considered risky and can have serious consequences. Yes, bad breath is included.
While Britney Spears may have thought the tiny waistline was worth it, one source even informed PopCrush that after brushing her teeth, her breath would smell bad again in twenty minutes.

#4 Hugh Grant

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The Academy Awards are meant to be Hollywood's biggest night, the one night when stars are expected to look and smell their best. However, according to The Guardian, actor Hugh Grant literally stank up the joint with his bad breath. During the 2002 Academy Awards, Grant's terrible breath was reportedly so severe that his co-stars asked him to do something about it. Grant's friends allegedly gave him mouthwash to gargle before walking on stage on the same occasion.

#5 Jason Segel

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Jason Segel's terrible breath was an unwanted side effect of his smoking addiction. It was a challenge for Alyson Hannigan, who played his wife on the television sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Hannigan reportedly stated that she would not go near Segel unless he stopped smoking. Given that the two were supposed to play a loving couple in their series, you can imagine how this circumstance might complicate matters.

#6 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is either a highly inconsiderate or an unbelievable prankster. These appear to be the only two explanations for Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth's amusing complaints about having to kiss her during filming. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hemsworth stated that Lawrence would constantly consume foods that caused her bad breath whenever they had a kissing scene.
We'll assume that when Lawrence isn't making her co-stars cry over her eating habits, she keeps her mouth clean and pristine.

#7 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson didn't really understand the need of brushing her teeth daily. Jessica confessed during an interview on the Ellen show that she might brush her teeth two or three times each week because she hates the "slippery" feeling that teeth get when they're completely clean. She gets by with a combination of Listerine and daily flossing instead of routine brushing. Despite being a nonsmoker, Simpson chews Nicorette gum.

#8 Johnny Depp

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When Depp went to see the film "Black Mass" with his then-wife in 2015, many were caught surprised when he split his lips, displaying dental work identical to the gold caps he wore when playing pirate Jack Sparrow, as well as a mysterious red tinge on one tooth. You can almost feel Depp's rainbow chompers spewing foul breath.
Although Depp's bridgework makes you cringe, Hollywood is still knocking on his door. After all, a shoddy grin is nothing that a skilled prop department can't fix. Depp was reportedly fitted for a set of fake teeth for his "Murder on the Orient Express" role in 2017.

#9 Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom's estranged Kardashian in-laws have some harsh words for the retired basketball player's breath. Kim complained to their sister Khloe on Season 7 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians about Odom's stinky breath making it impossible to be physically close to him. Kim stated she was prepared to "throw up in her mouth" whenever she tried to hug him!
When things between Khloe and Lamar Odam went south, it was undoubtedly a relief for the most famous Kardashian sibling. There's no word on how Kim thinks about Tristan Thompson's breath, but we can only assume it's far better.
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