16 Ageless Stars Who Presumably Take Secret Youth Elixir

Everybody wants to have a young look, yet not many people can maintain that when they get ages. Many people are not averse to swinging a fortune to have some high-quality cosmetics or therapy, yet not all of them can reach their want of having a youthful appearance when they get older. Be that as it may, there is someone at their 50 or even 60 that does not change much from their look at 30.
The below 16 Ageless Stars are great examples of that. Although they work very hard for most of their lifetime in stages and screen-set, their look does not change much compared with their young time. Better yet, some of them are even aging backward.
Can’t believe that? Scroll down to take a look at these 16 pics of celebs. You can have an obvious comparison between their young age and current time. In the end, you will be surprised that they can well maintain their look that gives not much sign of being aged by the times.

#1 Will Smith

Ageless StarsSource: © Seven Pounds / Columbia Pictures© Bad Boys for Life / Columbia Pictures

There’s no better one to kick off the list than Will Smith. The “King of Richard” star is getting better and better with age. This pic of him in Seven Pounds 13 years ago, and then in Bad Boys for Life released in 2020 speaks volumes.

#2 Uma Thurman

Ageless StarsSource: © The Accidental Husband / Yari Film Group© The War with Grandpa / The Fyzz Facility

Uma Thurman is also not getting any older. Just look at her in The Accidental Husband, where she was 38, and in The War with Grandpa, where she is 50.

#3 Gwyneth Paltrow

Ageless StarsSource: © Two Lovers / 2929 Productions© The Politician / Netflix

Gwyneth Paltrow appears to be becoming more endearing with age. You can see that clearly when comparing her appearance in Two Lovers in 2008 to her appearance in The Politician.
The actress is as forthright about her beauty and fitness regimen as she is about, well, everything else. Paltrow, who advocates eating clean, has dabbled in detoxes, a gluten-free diet, and vegetarianism, but she most regularly adheres to a rule of eating whole foods and taking supplements. She also enjoys working out and is credited with popularizing the Tracy Anderson Method. Her cosmetics and skincare routine, on the other hand, is significantly simpler: Paltrow credits her beautiful complexion to exfoliation, coconut oil, and plenty of water.

#4 Raquel Welch

Ageless StarsSource: Collection Christophel / Collection Christophel / East News, ISACK SASHA / SIPA / EAST NEWS

Raquel Welch rose to fame in the 1960s thanks to parts in films such as One Million Years B.C., Bedazzled, and Fathom. She is also known for her sensual attractiveness, which she kept well into her 60s.

#5 Michelle Rodriguez

Ageless StarsSource: © East News© F9 / Universal Pictures

Michelle Rodriguez was 31 years old when she starred in the fourth installment of The Fast and the Furious. We saw her in the ninth film, 12 years later, with no changes in her appearance.

#6 Kate Beckinsale

Ageless StarsSource: © Snow Angels / True Love Productions© Jolt / Eclectic Pictures

Kate Beckinsale isn't growing any younger. You can see her in Snow Angels when she was 34 years old, and you can see how little she has changed in Jolt.

#7 Angelina Jolie

Ageless StarsSource: © Changeling / Imagine Entertainment© Come Away / Hammerstone Studios

Angelina Jolie is unaffected by the passage of time. She was 33 years old when she starred in Changeling in 2008. And in 2020, she was in Come Away and looked almost identical.
When it comes to self-care, the actress, director, and honorary dame doesn't skimp. She maintains her dazzling complexion by putting caviar on her face—La Prairie's Skin Caviar, which contains actual fish eggs and costs $710 for each tube. She tried vegetarianism for a period, only to discover that "it almost killed her"—the dietary adjustments weren't suited for her body. Instead, she eats a diet high in ancient grains, and while she isn't a fan of Hollywood's yoga obsession, she works out with a trainer on kickboxing and cardio routines.

#8 Monica Bellucci

Ageless Stars, monica bellucci youngSource: © Le Deuxième Souffle / ARP Sélection© Les plus belles années d'une vie / Les Films 13

Monica Bellucci's body appears to have a program that prevents her from aging. Just look at her in Le deuxième souffle, where she was 43 years old, and Les plus belles années d'une vie, where she was 12 years later.

#9 Anne Hathaway

Ageless StarsSource: © Passengers / TriStar Pictures, © Locked Down / AGC Studios

Since Passengers' 2008 debut, Anne Hathaway doesn't appear to have aged much. You may watch her in Locked Down, one of her most recent motion pictures.

#10 Jennifer Aniston

Ageless StarsSource: © Rumor Has It... / Warner Bros.© The Morning Show / Hello Sunshine

At the age of 53, the actress' complexion appears to glow even more than it did during her Friends days, but she says that this is due to the fact that she did not undergo plastic surgery. "There is this pressure in Hollywood to be ageless," she stated in an interview with Bobbi Brown. "I think what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes because I am not injecting s**t into my face… I see them and my heart breaks."

#11 Rachel Weisz

Ageless Stars, rachel weisz youngSource: © My Blueberry Nights / StudioCanal, Walt Disney Co. / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

In My Blueberry Nights, Rachel Weisz enchanted viewers in 2007. She had just turned 37. She did, however, appear in Black Widow 14 years later, and she hasn't aged a bit.

#12 Julia Roberts

Ageless StarsSource: © Jim Smeal / Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images© Lia Toby / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

At the 27th Annual People's Choice Awards in 2001, the 33-year-old actress's grace enchanted everyone in attendance. When Julia attended the world premiere of her movie Ticket to Paradise 21 years later, it was clear that she hadn't lost even the slightest bit of that glitz.

#13 Reese Witherspoon

Ageless StarsSource: © Rendition / Anonymous Content© Little Fires Everywhere / Hulu

At the age of 31, Reese Witherspoon starred in the drama Rendition. She also starred in Little Fires Everywhere in 2020, at the age of 44. And, except from losing her bangs, we don't see much of a difference in her appearance.
She once disclosed about her secret how to look good: In my 30s, I learned to accept my body for what it is. This is what looks good on it. It will never look good in that thing over there with all the fabric and the bows and the ruffles. It just won't,"

#14 Charlize Theron

Ageless StarsSource: © Carlo Allegri / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images, Invision/Invision/East News

At the 61st Golden Globe Awards in 2004, Charlize Theron wowed everyone with her sophisticated attire. She still had a charming appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of F9 in 2021, many years later.

#15 Martin Freeman

Ageless StarsSource: © Nativity! / Mirrorball Films© Breeders / Avalon Television

Martin Freeman's hair is just beginning to turn a little gray, but he won't age. You may watch both Breeders, where he is already 49 years old, and Nativity!, where he was 38 years old.

#16 Vin Diesel

Ageless StarsSource: © Fast & Furious / Universal Pictures© F9 / Universal Pictures

Last but not least, "Dominic Toretto" in The Fast and the Furious, is young in heart and has no concept of aging. In the ninth installment of the saga, he seems to have a few more wrinkles than in the fourth, but they only improve his appearance.
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