10 Marvel-DC Heroes or Villains That May Perfectly Match

Fans of comic books frequently debate who would prevail in a head-to-head conflict using characters from either publisher in fantasy match-ups and death matches. “Who would win in a fight?” Today, though, is not the question; rather, it is "Who would be friends with whom?" The correct question is "Which Marvel-DC Heroes or Villains character would be an opponent with this Marvel character?" Because most of the time, these comic book character fight before becoming friends or reluctant allies, or the opposite.

1. Mystique and Bane

dc heroes and villainsSource: Fox/Warner Bros.

These two have been both leaders and followers, captaining teams or acting as support. As allies, the two would probably trauma-bond over their troubled childhoods and discuss the rigors of changing their physical appearance to achieve their goals

2. Ms. Marvel and Stargirl

dc heroes and villainsSource: Disney/CW

The two teens are both legacy characters with powers that would complement one another for a team up. It’s not often that teen women heroes have a person so alike to lean on while being so different in terms of background and upbringing.

3. Kingpin and The Penguin

dc heroes and villainsSource: Disney/Warner Bros.

While both would butt heads over their turf, the two have much in common, being mob bosses wishing to be seen as high-class businessmen. (That, and bonding over having their accomplishments being overlooked by their appearances.)

4. Iron Man and Steel

dc heroes and villainsSource: Disney/DC

While both have entirely different upbringings, their lives as weapons contractors turned super-suited heroes run pretty much parallel. Sure, there will be clashes of ego (like with any Tony Stark relationship), but a companionship of respect would emerge.

5. The Hulk and Etrigan

dc heroes and villainsSource: Disney/DC

Bruce Banner and Jason Blood have to wrestle with the demons inside them (with Jason’s being literal). The two could educate one another and trade science/dark arts secrets, but there’s no doubt Hulk would get annoyed at Etrigan’s constant rhyming.

6. Reed Richards and Niles Caulder

dc heroes and villainsSource: Warner Bros./Disney

Two scientists driven to help their power-afflicted families (literal for Richards, figurative for Caulder) while using them for the greater good, often neglecting them as people for the sake of research and discovery. They kind of belong with each other, while their teams should ditch them.

7. Deadpool and Plastic Man

dc heroes and villainsSource: Fox/DC

The perennial goofballs from both publishers, the two not only crack wise but are also reformed villains that just want to do right by their kids. They’d obviously bicker constantly but figure out that they’d have more fun trying to one-up each other via quips.

8. Daredevil and Nightwing

dc heroes and villainsSource: Netflix/Warner Bros.

Escrima sticks, martial arts mastery, hyper agility, and really getting around are just a handful of similarities they share. There may be scuffles over the morality of any joint decision, given that Murdock is a lawyer and Grayson is an ex-cop.

9. Catwoman and Black Cat

dc heroes and villainsSource: Warner Bros./Marvel

Not only are they both cat-themed burglars that occasionally fight on the side of angels, but both can confide in their most common issue: Loving a masked hero, but only “liking” their secret identity.

10. Superman and Colossus

dc heroes and villainsSource: Sony/Warner Bros.

Overpowered boy scouts raised in farms, Clark and Piotr have much in common regarding morals, the importance of family, and being who they are with the ones they love. They’d only clash if Supes lost his temper, or Piotr was radicalized to a complex cause.
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