20+ Wholesome Real-Life Easter Eggs That Will Make You Smile Like An Idiot

Have you ever found an Easter egg? And no, not the chocolate or hard-boiled eggs we decorate for Easter. We're talking about Easter eggs, which are rewarding for paying close attention and looking for the unexpected in video games, movies, and television. But did you know that you may also find Easter eggs in your everyday surroundings? Yes, designers, artists, and people have been hiding Easter eggs in the wilds of real life as a treat for those who pay attention to their surroundings. And now we even have a place to share those things you found in real life; introduce the subreddit r/EasterEggs, which contains real-life Easter eggs shared by people all over the world.

From quirky messages on the bottom of the bottle to hilarious cooking instructions, they are some wholesome examples of how real-life Easter eggs are spotted by people while running their daily errands. So, are you ready to level up your Easter egg-finding game? Here are a few options you can start with; enjoy!

#1. Ha. Beetle.

Source: JackTheJokey

#2. On the back of an innocent bottle:

Source: artem00036

#3. Canadian passport when held under UV light.

Source: L1l_Debby

#4. Damn, okay T-shirt.

Source: cva_thapa

#5. "I bought a new microphone and..."

Source: betacar


Source: IgntedF-xy

#7. Jerry in the wall of a pet store:

Source: TheOriginalFluff

#8. This witty instruction:

Source: corduroykey

#9. "Found in the bottom of my bag of coffee."

Source: scam_radio

#10. This definitely caught me off guard.

Source: Complex_Laugh

#11. The Saturn V Lego set has 1969 pieces, which is the year humans set foot on the moon:

Source: bag_o_fetuses

#12. The way these milk jugs line up!

Source: Unicorn-Shaman

#13. This sweet message in maternity shorts:

Source: AudreyLuvsJoey

#14. Well, that escalated quickly!

Source: Chocolava

#15. How to have an existential crisis while drinking a glass of milk:

Source: JamesKBoyd

#16. "My dog ripped open her Platypus toy and found a beaver egg and a duck egg."

Source: stibgock

#17. Gotcha!

Source: jake_the_dawg_

#18. When the Easter egg gives u a lil treat:

Source: italicizedflorenz

#19. Thanks for the advice, hat. I shall go and give my butt to my mama.

Source: rainbowsforputin

#20. Roasted by a coffee packet. Unbelievable.

Source: prog_d0nkey

#21. Sierra Nevada understands family business:

Source: Loki_Akita

#22. British school revision books always have a little joke about the book on the back:

Source: DShitposter69420

#23. Monocle on a nose ring. Interesting...

Source: pocketpanda2016

#24. "Jokes on them, I'm making waffles"

Source: goddamnthirstycrow9

#25. The way Cadburys snuck their trademark 'C' in the middle of their Roses' rose:

Source: JayOhEe91

#26. There are so many directions this could be taken in:

Source: Dandee-x

#27. Toy story IRL:

Source: Amberlynn585

#28. Every autumn in the Oregon coast range as the leaves change, this image emerges from a pine forest:

Source: Woolybugger00

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