World Cup Scandal: 8 Ecuador Players Bribed To Lose The Game On Purpose Vs. Qatar?

On Sunday, the host team will make its World Cup debut against Ecuador.

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Recently, Qatar has faced serious accusations, including human rights violence, that have given the host country a bad reputation. Hosting a World Cup is always a big responsibility, and Qatar does not seem to be handling it well. When there have been increasing reports exposing the criticisms, the country received another scandal that will blow our minds.
According to Amjad Taha, an expert in strategic political affairs and regional director of the British center in Saudi Arabia. His report indicated that eight Ecuadorian players are alleged to have been bribed $7.4 million in exchange for winning the opening match against Qatar.

Ecuador is under pressure to lose against Qatar?

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The journalist cautioned that internal sources from Ecuador and Qatar affirmed the operation and asked the world to fight "FIFA's corruption".
According to the report, the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup offered the Ecuadorians that they would allow them to win 0:1 with a goal in the second half in exchange for a transfer fee. Such publications are hard to miss, as Qatar has been accused in the past of bribing FIFA with millions of dollars to be chosen as the host of the World Cup. It’s hard to have an appropriate explanation when those scandals are related to each other.
Three days before the start of the World Cup, neither the government nor the Qatar Football Federation commented on the facts.
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