20 Times Someone Didn’t Pay Attention In Geography Class That Made The Internet Facepalm

Have you ever made a post or commented on something that you insisted is the absolute truth? But nothing stingѕ like truth; your answer was completely wrong, leaving you embarrassed. Your post or comment, however, will remain on the internet because it is the repository for our shames. And to prove that, we found someone who didn’t pay attention in geography class, resulting in ridiculous geography fails that make the internet facepalm.
Here is the list of 20 pics when someone didn't pay attention in geography class. They are shared on the r/facepalm subreddit, where your blunder will forever live. Scroll down to check them out. Let's get started!

#1. Wait! Seriously

Source: okiedokie64

#2. Virtue Signalling

Source: Aki008035

#3. You Can Only Pity Such People

Source: aaravaryaman

#4. When You Don't Know What You’re Talking About

Source: Weak_Significance_97

#5. That's One Wide Border For Italians To Be Hopping Over!

Source: beerbellybegone

#6. More Liberian flag confusion

Source: flopsychops

#7. Ah, Yeah. I Swear It's Always Us Americans Who Don't Realize There's A Country Called Georgia.

Source: lazarushelsinki

#8. Yahoo Answers Might Be Gone, But We Still Have Quora

Source: tacolordY

#9. America Is The Whole Globe

Source: kayserfaust

#10. Imagine Being This Uneducated

Source: astronaut12

#11. Canada Is A Country In Eastern Europe! Read A Book, Bro.

Source: jombrowski

#12. Ah Yes, "Time-Zones"

Source: Waterburst789

#13. Someone Didn’t Pay Attention In Geography Class.

Source: AScoopOfNeo

#14. I Posted A Picture On Another Subreddit About A River In The Country Georgia And This Person Had A Lot To Say.

Source: whitebathingsuit

#15. Dunno What To Say.

Source: oawwa

#16. Geography

Source: SpoderManDylan

#17. Someone's Geography Needs Some Upgrading.

Source: Innocent_Killer

#18. Nordic Countries Misunderstood

Source: Leebelle3

#19. Ah Yes, Germany Flag Fridge Magnet

Source: Tatarkingdom

#20. Geography Is Hard

Source: SquishyNiko

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