15 Celebrity Kids Who Became Models Instead of Spending Their Parents' Fortune

So, whether one has talent or not, the concept of nepotism or riding on the coattails of famous families is not something new, even to celebrities. As a result, being the child of famous parents is not an easy task because you must work extremely hard to get people to take you seriously. This is why some kids of famous parents choose to avoid publicity, while others work extremely hard to create their own reputation.
In this article, we will introduce to you 15 famous kids who are establishing their reputations in their own different ways. These celebrities.prove that one's famous family name is not a stepping stone to success in the modeling industry. Tell us which of these celebrities is your favorite once we get started with this round-up. Which of these famous kids do you think has the most chance of becoming more famous than their parents?

#1 Alessandra Garcia

Source: POOL MONACO / SIPA / Sipa Press / East News, © alessandragl / Instagram

Alessandra Garcia, Andy Garcia's 31-year-old daughter, is pursuing a career as a plus-size model. She first moved to New York to start college and learn how to be a movie producer. But she decided to become a model, signing her first contract and working for companies like Lane Bryant and Target.

#2 Arissa LeBrock

Source: Piovanotto Marco / ABACA / Abaca / East News, © KellyLeBrock / Twitter

Arissa LeBrock is the daughter of Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock. She's a well-known plus-size model. She can be seen in Ashley Stewart commercials and on the cover of PLUS Model Magazine. She's also appeared on Growing Up Supermodel, a show about the difficulties that children face when attempting to become models.

#3 Deva Cassel

Source: Liewig Christian / ABACA / Abaca / East News, Domine Jerome / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Monica Bellucci, the daughter of Italian actress Monica Bellucci and actor Vincent Cassel, inherited her mother's beauty. She devotes most of her time to her studies, but she also works as a model. She signed a contract with Dolce & Gabbana in 2019 when she was 14 years old. At the age of 15, she became the face of their perfume line. She also graced the cover of Elle in 2020.

#4 Dylan Jagger Lee

Source: Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News, Sipa USA / Sipa USA / East News

Dylan is Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's son. In 2016, he debuted as a model with the Saint Laurent show. Acne Studios, Armani Exchange, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, and True Religion are among his clients and he has been mentioned in Interview, GQ, NYLON, VMAN, Vogue, W, and Wonderland.

#5 Eva Jobs

Source: AFP / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Eva Jobs, the youngest daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, has already had a modeling career that includes a Glossier marketing campaign and walking the runway for Paris Fashion Week. Eva is a model who also graduated from Stanford University, where her parents met, and she enjoys horseback riding.

#6 Georgia May Jagger

Source: © mickjagger / Instagram, Invision / Invision / East News

Georgia Jagger is the model daughter of Rolling Stones' frontman Mick Jagger. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have both featured her on their covers. She has also worked with Miu Miu, Tommy Hilfiger, Marchesa, Hudson Jeans, Rimmel London, Chanel, and Mugler. She has done amazingly well in working with so many talented designers.

#7 Iris Law

Source: Invision / Invision / East News, Marechal Aurore / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Iris Law is the daughter of Sadie Frost and Jude Law. She enrolled in college to study textiles in 2020. She also works as a model and has worked with Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Dior, and other designers.

#8 Kaia Gerber

Source: Invision / Invision / East News, ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News

Kaia decided to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother, Cindy Crawford, and become a model. She began modeling at the age of ten with Young Versace. She made her first runway appearance at the age of 16 in Raf Simons' Calvin Klein show. For the time being, she is in business, and some believe she will be even more successful than her mother.

#9 Lila Grace Moss

Source: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

The daughter of Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack started working in the fashion industry when she was 14, despite her mother's objections. Even so, Lila chose this path and has already collaborated with Marc Jacobs Beauty, Miu Miu, Vogue, and others.

#10 Louisa Jacobson Gummer

Source: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Louisa Jacobson Gummer, Meryl Streep's youngest daughter, chose a modeling career. She has always had an interest in fashion. Her most notable modeling accomplishments today include a Dior campaign and photoshoots for Vanity Fair and Glamour.

#11 Lourdes Leon

Source: 0000292 / Reporter / East News, PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP / East News

Lourdes Leon is Madonna's daughter. She occasionally models. In 2016, she was the face of Stella McCartney Pop perfume, and in 2017, she did a marketing campaign for X-Girl, a feminist streetwear brand. She's also collaborated with Calvin Klein, Burberry, Swarovski, and other well-known brands.

#12 Lucas Portman

Source: © natasupernova / Instagram

Lucas, Natalia Vodianova's older son, made a successful debut at Paris Fashion Week 2020. He appeared on the cover of Numéro Magazine with his mother and participated in the Balmain male collection show. In an interview, he stated that his mother's career had greatly influenced him.

#13 Maya Hawke

Source: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Maya Hawke is Uma Thurman's and Ethan Hawke's daughter. She made the decision not to choose between acting and modeling. She's already appeared in a few films and TV Shows, and she's modeled for Calvin Klein, Vogue, All Saints, and Zac Posen.

#14 Meadow Walker

Source: GVK / / East News, © meadowwalker / Instagram

Meadow spent her childhood in Hawaii with her mother before moving to her father's house. She did well in school, took dance classes, and her father frequently took her to film sets. She grew up and moved to New York. She is currently a successful model and does charity work. She collaborates with brands such as Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., How To Spend It, and others.

#15 Paris Brosnan

Source: © paris.brosnan / Instagram

Pierce Brosnan's son began his modeling career in 2018, making his debut at the Dolce & Gabbana show. One of his most recent accomplishments was being featured on the cover of GQ.
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