10 Characters From DC and Marvel That Would Become Best Frenemies

Marvel and DC have long held positions of prominence in the superhero comic book industry and have simultaneously served as Hollywood's saviors and its bane. Both studios have an almost infinite pantheon of characters to choose from over the years and several comic books. Both worlds have occasionally intersected for interpromotional conflicts, but that appears to be in the past now.
A list is the sole method to answer this entirely objective query. Here are some Marvel and DC character pairings that would make for fascinating complementary yet antagonistic partnerships.

1. Spider-Man and The Flash

Source: Sony/Warner Bros.

Peter Parker and Barry Allen represent hope and genuine goodness, often sacrificing a lot for the well-being of others while being underrated as scientists. Plus, there have been a lot of other characters within their universes calling themselves “The Flash” and “Spider-Man” after them, too.

2. Peacemaker and U.S. Agent

Source: Warner Bros./Disney+

Both men consider their often-murderous missions to be a patriotic duty while clearly having some ego and PTSD issues they need to work out, making them natural rivals and buddies in equal measure.

3. Doctor Strange and John Constantine

Source: Disney/Warner Bros.

Both men know what they’re doing when it comes to magic, while also being arrogant jerks about it. They’d hate the hell out of each other until a few drinks loosened them up.

4. Venom and The Creeper

Source: Sony/DC

They’re both journalists overtaken by something inside them that creates a toothy, super-strong alter ego. Should they be able to wrangle the crazy within them and check their egos, they’d make an unstoppable duo (well, foursome).

5. Wonder Woman and Storm

Source: Warner Bros./Fox

Both women served as leaders of superhero teams, are considered gods by many, and just plain kick ass. Friendship and respect would definitely happen, but conflict would occur over the morality of killing here and there.

6. Harley Quinn and Squirrel Girl

Source: Warner Bros./Marvel

Both are offbeat and hilarious, and legitimately kick ass in their respective universes. While Squirrel Girl would be a wet blanket to Harley’s initial plans, she’d lighten up and Harls would learn a thing or two via S.G.’s nerdy yet fun nature.

7. Black Panther and Mr. Terrific

Source: Disney/CW

They’re both highly intelligent and served as chairpersons of superhero teams (the Avengers and the JSA), while also having experience in espionage. Their conflict would be purely competitive and making sure they keep each other honest.

8. Nightcrawler and Beast Boy

Source: Disney/CW

Both have furry complexions and odd childhoods and have dabbled in Entertainment (Kurt in the circus, Garfield as a TV actor). They’d make an interesting pair until some X-Men vs. Titans event.

9. Zatanna and Nico Minoru

Source: DC/Marvel

Daughters of famous/infamous magic users willing to help the hero cause but try to have a life outside of it. Zatanna would definitely aim for an older sister relationship with Nico to help wrangle her spells and develop her powers. But siblings, chosen or related, do bicker and clash at the best of times.

10. Magneto and Black Adam

Source: Sony/Warner Bros.

Both are militant, violent, and willing to do anything to protect their people (either mutant kind or Kahndaq’s citizens). Both flip from hero to villain and back. Friendship might possibly grow between the two out of mutual respect (until one has to compromise the other to achieve their goals.)
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