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  1. #1. The Hottest LGBTQ Series In 2022 
  2. #2. Young Royals Stars Stated Their Wish On A Possible Crossover 
  3. #3. Heartstopper Season 2 And Young Royals Season 3 Are Long-awaited 

A Young Royals - Heartstopper Crossover Might Actually Happen In The Future

These are currently the hit series on Netflix, the world’s biggest streaming service. Therefore, a Young Royals - Heartstopper crossover is highly anticipated by fans and even the cast members from both series themselves. Is there any chance that it will actually happen in the future?
Let’s find out more in this post. 

#1. The Hottest LGBTQ Series In 2022 

 young royals heartstopper crossoverSource: Netflix

Young Royals season 1 premiered in 2021. Following that, the second season premiered on November 1, 2022 and caught a lot of attention from fans and audiences. Young Royals is about the Swedish Prince Wilhelm and his romance with a classmate in the boarding school, Simon Eriksson. The plot is exciting, dramatic, thrilling and sweet at the same time, making it one of the most worth-watching series of 2022. 
Heartstopper is another LGBTQ series premiering earlier this year on Netflix. It is based on the webcomic of the same title by Alice Oseman and also created a huge trend after being on air. The series centers on Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, a teenage couple at a highschool. 
There have been several great LGBTQ-themed movies and TV series this year. Notably, both series on Netflix are very well-received and praised by the community and public audiences. 

#2. Young Royals Stars Stated Their Wish On A Possible Crossover 

young royals x heartstopper Source: Netflix

Speaking with Gay Times, Edvin Ryding who plays Wilhelm said that “Maybe this is like season eight of Young Royals and Simon is a successful singer and the biggest one in Sweden. Charlie’s a big fan, so he takes Nick to Stockholm to see Simon sing. You see where I’m going here?” His costar, Omar Rudberg (portrays Simon) also added that it would be “iconic” and “amazing” to do the crossover with the cast of Heartstopper. 
Malte Gårdinger plays August on the series and also expressed his willingness to be a part of the crossover. “It’s a little crazy but it could work. I’m all for it,” he talked about this collaboration. However, he claimed that his character, August would not get along well with the characters from Heartstopper “I think he doesn’t like outsiders”. 
This is not the first time that a Young Royals x Heartstopper interaction happened. Previously, the cast of Young Royals showed their support the Heartstopper’s star, Kit Connor after he came out as bisexual in a heartbreaking Tweet. On top of that, fans are also anticipating their interaction with a “Young Royals React To Heartstopper” video edit. 

#3. Heartstopper Season 2 And Young Royals Season 3 Are Long-awaited 

 young royals react to heartstopperSource: Netflix

Following the success of the two series on Netflix, fans are all waiting for sequel seasons. Previously, Netflix and the cast members have confirmed the renewal of the show. Currently, it is in production and will be on air possibly in 2023. Meanwhile, Young Royals season 3 is still secretive. There has not been an announcement for the next season yet. However, the possibility is high since the second season is achieving a lot of success and recognition. 
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