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  1. #1. Heartstopper (2022) 
  2. #2. Love, Victor (2020 - 2022) 
  3. #3. Bros. (2022) 
  4. #4. Single All The Way (2021) 
  5. #5. I Love You Phillip Morris (2009) 

TV Series And Movies Like Young Royals To Binge-watch

There are several other TV series and Movies like Young Royals on Netflix that you might find joy watching if you love the series. Young Royals is a lyrical yet dramatic coming-of-age teen drama about the LGBTQ community and their stories. This list consists or several TV series and also theatrical movies. 
In this post, let’s find out the similar TV series and movies to this trending series. Also, share this list to your friends so you guys can watch together. 

#1. Heartstopper (2022) 

Source: Netflix

Heartstopper is definitely Young Royals’ biological sibling since they are both teenage gay-themed series on Netflix. Just like Young Royals, the series is set in a highschool when the two students fall in love with each other. In comparison to each other, Heartstopper is lighter and less traumatic but more adorable and awkward. The series stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke who portray Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring respectively. After the finale of the first season, a sequel is in production and will demonstrate more of the story. 

#2. Love, Victor (2020 - 2022) 

movies like young royalsSource: Hulu

The series is on Hulu and serves as the sequel of its original movie, Love, Simon. Unlike Love, Simon, Love, Victor delivers more drama, more hardships and difficulties while the main character, Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), figures out about himself and finds acceptance from his family, especially his mom. Moreover, it is not only a normal, lighthearted teen comedy-drama. The series centers on each character and his own problems such as Benji (Victor’s boyfriend, George Sear) with alcoholism, Isabel (Victor’s mom, Ana Ortiz) with homophobia, Armando (Victor’s dad, James Martinez) with anger management… 

#3. Bros. (2022) 

movies like heartstopper and young royalsSource: Universal Pictures

Different from the above series, Bros. centers around matured, middle-aged queer men who already have had their careers and such. However, these men do not have the love life that they want. Bros. is the first queer movie from a major Hollywood studio, Universal Pictures. It features Luke Macfarlane, Billy Eichner, Bowen Yang, Miss Lawrence and several other queer celebrities. The movie has an accurate representation of the community which includes chaos, laughter, colors, excitement and also, hotness. 

#4. Single All The Way (2021) 

movies/series like young royalsSource: Netflix

It stars Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Luke Macfarlane and Jennifer Coolidge. The movie is one Christmas, rom-com movie about best friends becoming a couple in the holiday season. It is a charming, lighthearted, adorable and hilarious movie which perfectly fits for the festive season. 

#5. I Love You Phillip Morris (2009) 

movies like young royals on netflixSource: EuropaCorp

Jim Carrey acted opposite Ewan McGregor in this black comedy drama biopic about Steven Jay Russell. He was a well-known criminal who scammed and escaped from the prison several times. In this film, Carrey portrays this character and McGregor portrays the love of his life, Phillip Morris. Despite all the guilt, the highlight of his life and this movie is his long-lasting love towards Morris, for whom he escaped four times to be reunited with him. The romance between the two characters is remarkable, significant and touching. It is one of most critically acclaimed queer themed rom-com movies and also worth-watching. 
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