These Overly Pretentious Dishes Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Men are clearly from Mars and women are from Venus, as many of you are surely aware. Even if you haven't read the same-titled book, it's obvious to everyone that male and female thought processes differ greatly, and that each gender has its own distinct traits and tendencies.
Any interaction with another person involves a constant process of research, reflection, and plain curiosity. Therefore, even the most intelligent people occasionally learn incredibly fascinating facts about others during the course of such a study. These facts can be especially fascinating if they relate to a different gender.
Recently, a question on precisely this subject was posed to women only in the AskReddit community. We are not at all sure that among the people who wrote over 8.8K comments in just under two weeks were exclusively women, but the resulting thread has already received about 9.3K upvotes, and there are really a lot of different interesting discoveries. It sounded like: "Women, what is a surprising fact you discovered about men?"

#1 Whiskey Capsule? I Can’t Tell If It’s More Like A Gummy Bear Or More Like A Gusher

Source:  rawrt,

#2 Peas And Mayonnaise Pizza

Source: likerofgoodthings

#3 "What's Wrong...?"

Source: cenabollywood

#4 How To Start A War With Japan And Italy At The Same Time

Source: elahyani

#5 Ordered Chinese Last Night, Went For A New Dish: "Smoky Sweet Chicken Fries"

Source: thebrscott

#6 Stupid Doesn’t Necessarily Mean I Wouldn’t Eat It

Source: assorted_citrus

#7 Chicken And Waffles… Pizza

Source: darrvis

#8 I Feel Like People Are Running Out Of Ideas


#9 That's Not Red Velvet


#10 I Waited A Total 1,5 Hours At A Pretentious Ski-Lounge And Paid €8,90 For This

Source: flomatable

#11 Deep-Fried Watermelon

Source: thenativeshape











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